Who is miss Trudy?

Miss Trudy is a Kenyan YouTuber and content creator doing videos on travel, lifestyle and Fashion.

Miss Trudy Quick Bio and Achievements.

Growing up in a working class family, Miss Trudy had always had a dream of finishing her studies and join the league of career women of today.

She eventually did exactly that when she started out as a marketing and promotion agent in supermarkets in Nairobi.

She did her job well untill she met up with the ususal corporate ladder politics when she was about to be promoted.

Miss Trudy was actually fired from her job the day when she was about to be promoted.

Her immediate boss (supervisor) didnt like the way her work was so good that it pleased the head managers, so she was set up to be fired.

In the wake of staying fired, she decided to try out doing YouTube vlogs and creating content.

It was a little rough starting out but with consistency and determination was able to pay off.

Her big break came when she met Wode Maya, one of the most celebrated African YouTuber.

The two learned from eachother and later got married in Kenya by a Ghanian Priest.

Miss Trudy has definitely achieved alot more that whatever she was going to achieve as an employee in the corporate world.

Here is the story and the journey of Miss Trudy as a content creator.

Miss Trudy Age, Real Name, Parents and Tribe.

Getrude Awino Njeri popularly known as Miss Trudy was born on 1st February 1991 in Nairobi Kenya.

She is the only girl child in a family of three kids.

Her mother died leaving her father as a widower and a single parent.

Miss Trudy is from a mixed tribe where her father is Luo and her mother is from Kikuyu community.

Miss Trudy Education Background.

Having been born and raised in Nairobi, Miss Trudy joined Milimani Primary at Adams, for her primary school education.

For high school, she joined Shiners Girls High School in Nakuru County.

Miss Trudy joined ST. Paul’s University in Limuru, to pursue a degree in Communication.

How Much does Miss Trudy make on YouTube?

With a number of videos on travel and restaurant reviews in Kenya and different parts of Africa, Miss Trudy had managed to command an audience on YouTube.

Though the CPC (Cost Per Click) across Africa is still low compared to other parts of the world, she is among the top content creators making a living on YouTube.

Miss Trudy earns an average of $5000 per month with a minimum of $1500 and a maximum of $9000 depending on the number of views accumulated.

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Her YouTube channel, created in 2014, has over 300,000 subscribers and now over 50 Million views.

Miss Trudy Boyfriend/ Husband, Wode Maya.

Who is Miss Trudy’s boyfriend?

Wode Maya sent her a DM on instagram in 2018 when he was set to do his YouTube content in Kenya but Miss Trudy saw the message three months later when he had already left.

The two met in Ethiopia when Wode Maya was carrying out an assignment.

Miss Trudy Marriage and Wedding.

On 10th of September 2022, Miss Trudy held a private Wedding Mwale City in Yala, Siaya County of Nyanza, Kenya with her long time Boyfriend Wode Maya, a Ghanaian YouTuber.

The private wedding was sponsored by Julius Mwale, a Kenyan Billionaire and founder of Mwale Medical and Technology City (MMTC) which is a $2 Billion Metropolis.

Wode Maya made an announcement on his instagram about their Wedding day video being the thousandth video on his YouTube channel.

Miss Trudy chose the specific day, 10th September, since it marks the day ber mother passed away and her dad will now have another reason to remember the day.

For her husband it will be the answer to his future kids’ question if they as him about his thousandth video and he will tell them, “It was a Video of Me getting married to your mother”, I paraphrased it.

Their wedding was well budgeted for by their close friends and families.

Leah Wambui, a real estate developer bought the couple their Wedding rings.

The biggest gift they received was a two and one bedroom appartments in Mwale City.

Miss Trudy Net Worth and Cars.

From the lifestyle she displays on the internet, Miss Trudy is definitly not a fan of either sport or luxury cars.

She lives a simple yet adventurous lifestyle.

Her husband, Wode Maya, revealed that Miss Trudy has never asked or pressurizes him about money or anything.

In December 2022, she was gifted a Ksh 9.2 Million Toyota Fortuner by her beloved husband.

With her successful YouTube career, brand endorsements and influencer deals coming her way, Miss Trudy is definitely growing her wealth everyday.

The YouTuber and content creator has an estimated net worth of $72,000.