Mpoomy Ledwaba on Forbes 30 Under 30
Mpoomy Ledwaba expresses gratitude as she graces the Forbes 30 under 30.
It’s a dream come true for the star and she’s exuded excitement on social media.
The podcaster penned down a lengthy inspirational note on Instagram.
“There are moments in life that have you crippled for a long time…. And inform your every decision and the person you become,” she kicked off her note.
“I share the story of walking out of an exam room as I heard God said go…..I share it like it’s beautiful miracle that was loud and clear. The truth is that it became my “thorn”….I felt like a fraud, I questioned for the longest time whether I made things up and masked it as “God”. I’ve lived my twenties as an overachiever with goals to tick just to heal the little 19 year old who was scared, felt like an outsider and failure…… Today, God granted me the gift of a full circle /closure . It’s as if He is saying “you no longer have to prove to YOU, enter your third decade with forgiveness, redemption, set yourself free and see yourself through my eyes.”
“The years after were crippling as you see in my notes…. But there’s light. I promise there’s light. I’m grateful to my dad, who gave me my first job at 9 as his tea lady and raised me to believe that I can do anything I put my mind to. Who has believed every dream I shared. Who invested in my first business and the man who showed me how to use my gifts and my hands. An incredible businessman and visionary.”


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