Growing up with big dreams in the village, Mulamwah has eventually achieved his undying desire of becoming one of the top online and stage comedians in Kenya.

Despite the fact that he is supposed to be a doctor doing a day job with a reasonably good salary, he chose to capitalize all of his time in perfecting his talent and entertaining fans online.

He has a large fan base on YouTube and the social media platforms giving him all the eyes and ears whenever he posts some new skits.

During the lockdown, he capitalized much on creating skits online that would later build his brand as an internet personality.

Here is the biography and the story of Mulamwah as a comedian in the Kenyan entertainment scene.

Mulamwah Biography.

Being a bright student from a young age, Mulamwah is also a trained professional nurse who has practiced in the Kenyatta National Hospital while doubling as a comedian on the side.

Mulamwah Real Name, Age and Parents

David Oyando popularly known as Mulamwah a.k.a Kendrick Mulamwah was born and raised in Butere Kakamega County.

He was born in year 1993 to his biological mother in a family of two kids with Mulamwah being the second child.

At the age of four, Mulamwah and his older sister, Issa, was left with his dad when their mother passed away.

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Before his dad got remarried again, he had to move from one aunt to another as he grew up still trying to cope with life without a mother.

His father, who is a clinical doctor, later relocated to Kitale, Trans Nzoia County where Mulamwah spent his adult life with their step mother.

Education Background and Nursing Profession.

Early primary education or Mulamwah was a bit challenging because he was moving from place to place being hosted by his aunts in different parts of western Kenya.

He started out schooling in Mpeli Primary in Bungoma before moving to three other different schools where his other aunts were.

After shifting between different primary schools, his dad finally got remarried and settled him in Legacy Schools Kitale where he completed K.C.P.E examination.

After scoring excellent grades (370 marks) in primary national examination, Mulamwah joined St. Anthony Boys High school in Kitale.

Here he met other comedians like David the Student who later appeared in Churchill Show while still in high school.

Coming from a strict family who value education that much, he had to focus on his studies and ditch drama clubs or anything to do with creative performances, to be a doctor or engineer later in life.

After putting all his energy and concentration into studies, he scored an A- (minus) of 79 points in his K.C.S.E national exam.

For university education Mulamwah joined Moi University main Campus in Eldoret to pursue a degree in nursing.

In 2015, he finished a degree in nursing and was among the nursing interns who joined Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH).

Mulamwah is a professional nurse who is also a talented comedian, so he is set well in his life in case either of the careers fails to work out.

Mulamwah Comedy Career.

Upon joining Moi University as a nursing student, Mulamwah had to start developing his talent as a stand-up comedian since he did not have that chance in high school.

This time, his dad was no longer that strict or close to him but still he was reminding him to get his papers right for opportunities later in life.

His dad even organized for him to fly to Canada immediately when he finishes his university degree.

Mulamwah was really under a lot of pressure because he wasn’t willing to disappoint his dad knowing how much he sacrificed for him to get quality education.

Since he still believes in his comedy talent, he started out as a church entertainer performing in front of the congregation every Sunday before the preacher takes over.

Eldoret being a small city, there were no much open mics where any amateur comedian can hop on stage to tell jokes.

He had to look for opportunities whenever he could get even to the point of travelling to Nairobi for Auditions for Churchil Show.

When his first attempt was unsuccessful he was linked to a comedy club in Eldoret town through a friend in church who noticed his talent on stage.

Mulamwah teamed up with bother comedians from the region including the now famous Wambilianga and requested for a stage space at a hotel in Eldoret town.

They started out with a small crowd of their close friends charging entrance fee of Ksh 20 as it grew up to a large crowd of over 100 people.

As the audience was increasing, the crew started charging Ksh 200 for entrance fee and the fans kept growing every weekend.

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The hotel which gave them a free stage space was sold to a different owner who would later charge them a lot of money to host their show.

Since they couldn’t raise money to rent the space, they just had to part ways as a group and go different ways.

For the love of comedy, Mulamwah had to look for other green pastures, so he tried to still audition for Churchill Show.

This time it was convenient for him because he was now in Nairobi where he can audition every week without having to travel for a long distance.

Mulamwah Churchil Show.

The journey to the top has not been easy for Mulamwah, he has seen it more rough that most comedians who make it to perform on stage at Churchill Show.

He auditioned for more than five years while he was still in campus, travelling long distance from Eldoret to Nairobi just to try his luck to get a few minutes in front of the judges and go back.

“I once sold my phone to raise money for bus fare to go and audition for Churchill Show in Nairobi”, Said Mulamwah.

Even when his close friend Wambilianga was coming with the whole Churchill Show crew to Eldoret, he couldn’t raise Ksh 200 to pay for bus fare from Kitale to Eldoret to open for him.

It was pretty much rough for him coming up but he never thought it was impossible or have any doubts of believing he wasn’t talented.

If you are familiar with ‘The War of Art’, you must relate to Mulamwah’s story because he has fought the resistance he comes across either online or in the face of gate keepers like Victor Ber who can easily dismiss your talent at a blink of an eye.

At some point he thought of giving up but his time to perform live on stage came during the onset of Covid-19 where he only got a chance to perform once then the lockdown took over everything.

At that time, the show was held at Kenya Cinema which had a very diverse crowd in terms of age and Mulamwah killed it.

Though it was a hassle to get that stage time, in the end it was worth the wait because from that time, he got new fans online who became interested in his comedy.

Mulamwah as a comedian is a talented comedian who is a full proof that tenacity and extreme hard work plus self-belief can really work wonders at some point in the future.

Mulamwah Quitting Comedy.

When Churchill Show was no longer doing stage comedy performance due to Covid-19 restrictions, Mulamwah was now doubling down on doing skits and parodies online.

With his small number of fans who watched his first show on Churchill, he had to try and do something for them since there was a high demand for entertainment during the quarantine season.

What caught him by surprise was the fact that online fans are happy with you all the time but especially when they could just leave a comment for you to read later on your page.

These entire internet trolling and bullying were new to him, and he almost sank into depression trying to please the people online.

It got too serious that he decided to quit doing comedy and he actually burned his popular shirt which he would always put on when doing skits.

Several comedians and fans including Churchill himself came to his rescue and advised him to quit reading comments online because they can be depressing a lot.

This is when he took a little break from social media before coming back as new brand of Mulamwah that you see today.

Mulamwah Radio Job, YouTube Salary and Net Worth.

Over the years, Mulamwah’s YouTube has been growing gradually in terms of content quality and the revenue returns.

His monthly YouTube salary ranges between 200 to 400 dollars depending on the value of content and ads on the channel.

Apart from online revenue and sponsorships, Mulamwah has worked with other big brands like Airtel Kenya, Cane Spirit, Mozzart Bet and the e-commerce site Afrika Sokini.

He also has a transport company with over 15 motorbikes in Kitale Trans Nzoia County which has created employment for a number of youth in the area.

He has also acquired a plot of land in Kitale town where he is establishing his retirement home.

When he is not doing his skits or performing on stage, he is doing his day job as a radio host at Milele Fm.

Mulamwah has an estimated net worth of over 80,000 dollars as of 2022.

Mulamwah’s Wife and Baby Mama.

During his come up as an underground comedian going for auditions for acting roles and stand-up comedy shows, Mulamwah met with Carol Sonie who is an actress.

Carol Sonnie whose real name is Carol Muthoni N’gethe was born and raised in Kikuyu Kiambu County.

She has been featured in the popular TV show, The Real Househelps of Kawangware.

She met up with Mulamwah while she was still in a relationship but the two later started dating in 2018.

The two built a strong friendship that led them to dating each other for a while before they got pregnant.

When Sonnie was three months pregnant for the second time after the first miscarriage, the couple broke up but never revealed the news to the public until the time when baby Keilah Oyando was born.

The cause of the breakup was a series of misunderstandings between the couple was rooted in the expenditures and Sonnie’s desire for soft life disregarding the need for Mulamwah to invest and save money for the future.

The couple is now completely separated and they have all moved on with Mulamwah sticking to just paying the child support funds for his child but not to get back together with Sonnie.