A Brief Intro to Mungai Eve Bio and Achievements.

Just like they used to say ‘Education is the ultimate Equalizer’, a new equalizer has landed in town for sometime now, The Internet.

If you are a good communicator and have an understanding of the art of charm; then the internet is where you should be expressing yourself.

For Eve Mungai, she chose YouTube, one of the thriving video content search engines on the internet.

While still being a student in the times of the pandemic, she chose to hone her media skills through interviews and conversations from the local civilians in the streets.

Her main objective is achieved by looking for stories and doing interviews in the streets to capture stories that would otherwise never get heard.

Mungai Eve as a YouTube channel has grown to become a platform for people, especially artists, to express their opinions on issues that concern the entertainment industry at large.

The channel is growing every day in terms of views and subscribers; hence, giving the mainstream media entertainment shows a run for their money.

Most artists whether underground or established artists prefer the Mungai Eve channel since it provides the freedom of expression without censorship.

At this point Mungai Eve is making at least 15000 dollars a month which is some seriously good money for a young YouTuber in Africa.

On top of that she earns from being an influencer and brand ambassador. At the moment she is also working with ODI Bets as their brand influencer.

As young as she is, Mungai Eve is definitely getting that bag right now.

Here is the biography and the story behind Mungai Eve.

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Mungai Eve Age, Real Name, Parents and Early Life.

Evelyn Wanjiku Mungai, popularly known as Mungai Eve is one of the successful YouTubers in Kenya with over half a million YouTube subscribers on her channel.

She was born in 6th April 2000 in Gachiku Village in Murang’a County. She lived an ordinary life in the village like most village girls.

She attended the local primary and secondary schools, where she developed an interest in poetry and public speaking.

Mungai Eve always had a natural sense of confidence and leadership. This is probably why she would later become a successful journalist who does untold ghetto stories.

Her high school teachers encouraged her to pursue journalism despite the fact that her dad had other ideas of her being a teacher.

After completing high school, she enrolled for a degree in journalism which was her dream career and area of interest.

Due to the financial struggles of her parents, Mungai Eve had to drop out after one semester.

Her dad did all that he can but still it was not enough to cover the cost of her studies in college but at least he tried as hard as he can.

This drove Mungai Eve to try and use her naturally born charisma to look for stories from the streets together with his lover and partner Trevor.

Mungai Eve: How She Started YouTube.

When the Covid-19 Pandemic took over the whole world and brought most things to  a standstill, most people lost their jobs.

Mungai Eve’s parents were not spared, the little income stream they had was closed until the end of the pandemic.

Colleges and universities were closed till further notice. At this time, Mungai eve had just completed one semester of studies in journalism and Mass Communications.

Being an outgoing and a go getter kind of person who was fitting well with the life of the city, Mungai Eve had a hard time back in the village.

She was to stay there for over a year before resuming classes physically in the campus.

She tried to look for job opportunities at the small towns at home but the salary wasn’t making sense. The remaining option was to head back to the city and try  something else.

Of course her parents didn’t let her go that easy. Still she was to go back to campus and hand in the assignments in person; that was a perfect opportunity for her to get out of the village.

After getting back to the city, she linked up with her boyfriend and they both encouraged each other trying to secure jobs online.

Mungai Eve finally landed a job as social media manager where she managed instagram accounts of different people for a salary of Ksh 1000 per week.

To her this salary was still not making any financial sense since she was supposed to come up with enough money to cover for her college education.

This led her into depression as she was stressed and cant figure out what to do to make ends meet.

One day, her boyfriend Trevor went for a festival, Gengetone festival, and recorded a video of the crazy moments that transpired in the event.

Now Mungai Eve did a voice over explaining the events in the video and uploaded it on YouTube.

The video had a lot of views and attracted over a thousand subscribers on a brand new channel in a span of one day.

Their second video was about Mbogi Genje, the ‘Sheng masters’ who were the number one trending hardcore street rappers at the time.

They also did a voice over on their music and covered their beef with Madocho Wa Kanairo of Gotta City Music Group.

The two videos went viral and it launched the artists and Mungai Eve herself as a journalist who dares to cover the ultimate untold stories of the streets.

That was it, she realized what she can do plus she had to keep entertaining the new subscribers she got online.

She has been endorsed by Robert Alai, who is one of the greatest bloggers in the Kenyan Digital media scene.

From that day Mungai Eve grew her brand as a digital journalist looking for unique and untold stories from everywhere the story is being made.

Mungai Eve Boyfriend/Partner.

Everybody has that one person who sticks by you even if whatever happen. The one person who is a custodian and a ride or die partner who will do everything to make sure you are a success that you want to be.

For Mungai Eve, it his boyfriend and partner Trevor.

Mungai Eve and her Boyfriend Trevor.

Not a moment goes before she mentions him in any conversation or interview giving him all the credits for pushing her to dare creatively.

Trevor is a creative director, editor producer and a camera man behind the scenes of Mungai Eve YouTube channel.

Their chemistry and work ethic is on the next level. They as probably the youngest couple in the digital media who are thriving without getting mixed up by fame and money.

Mungai Eve YouTube Channel, Salary and net Worth.

In an interview, Mungai Eve revealed to the public that she makes over 15000 dollars a month on her YouTube channel.

During this time she had gained over 60 million views and over 250,000 subscribers on her channel.

Mungai Eve as a YouTube channel has received a lot of attention since it launched most underground artists like the Gotta City music Group members.

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It gives new artists a platform to tell their stories and explain how they feel about the events in the Kenyan music scene at large.

Since all eyes and ears of most Kenyan youth are on Mungai Eve’s channel, she will definitely be making that money and more every month.

At this point her net worth is well estimated to be over eight figures and is on a steady rise since her channel is rapidly growing plus she is a brand ambassador of the betting company, Odi Bets.

Mungai Eve Contacts, House and Car.

Mungai Eve’s growth as a content creator might seem as an overnight success but it definitely took her over nine months to achieve some tangible success.

Either way she now has both the financial success and the fame that every youth lusts for in this generation.

In the recent times, Mungai Eve and her beloved boyfriend and partner bought a house and a car.

She took it to instagram and posted her newly acquired Toyota crown worth Ksh 3 Million.

In 2021 the couple acquired a 2-bedroom apartment in Kileleshwa, which is one of the most coveted neighborhoods in Nairobi.

Her boyfriend Trevor can stop appreciating her for her hard work and consistency as a content creator.

Trevor says finding her was a true blessing that he doesn’t take for granted but appreciate her every day.