Nandi Mbatha Quick Bio Achievements.

Coming into the spotlight playing the role of Simlindile ‘Simi’ Ngema in a South African magic telenovela Isithembiso.
The young actress is a force of nature in the entertainment industry.

She was actually the last one to audition for the role where she had to kiss Zamani Mbatha, who is also a talented actor coming from South Africa.
The show got positive reviews from the critics and it vained a large fanbase thus making the characters more famous that they expected.

Nandi Mbatha is very talented and self driven when it comes to being an entertainer and doing her due diligence in Law school.

Even with her line of work, she can still manage to juggle both being able to audition for roles in the movie industry, research the character and be able to bring the script to real live.

Even after doing all that, Nandi Mbatha could still go to class, listen to the law school professor, do her class assignments and prep for exams.

It looks like alot of work but for her its just easy peasy.
Remember she still has a multitude of fans and followers that she has to keep them updated on what she is upto.

Though she has been diagnosed with anxiety, Nandi Mbatha has still managed to cope with her popularity and the attention that comes with her brand.

She also appeared in season 2 of a South African drama series titled ‘Abomama’. In thus drama, She played a role os Samantha.

Nandi Mbatha Age, Real Name, Siblings, Race, Tribe and Education Background.

Nandi Mbatha also known as Simi was born on 27th November 1997 in Newcastle Kwa-Zulu Natal province in South Africa.
She was born to an ethnicaly black household where both parents are a working class who provide everything she needs for her career.

Nandi Mbatha is a middle born child with her older sister sibling Pamela Mbatha and younger sister sibling Azanda Mbatha.

Her younger sister is also in University studying Marketing.

She joined university at first to study Political science but later switched to Law at University of South Africa.

Nandi Mbatha Parents.

Behind every successful young lady is a very firm Background of parents who have their children’s best interest at heart.
Nandi Mbatha is lucky to have come from such a family set up.

Mdunduzi Mbatha, her father, is a Magistrate while her mother Zandile Mbatha is a teacher.

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Nandi Mbatha Acting Career.

Growing up watching different South African dramas and telenovela series, Nandi Mbatha was pretty sure that one day she might be a star too on TV.

Her interest in joining motion picture industry was greatly inspired by how her idols, Hamilton Dlamini and Meshak Mavuso.
With a great support system from her parents and siblings, she was able to make that dream a reality.

Her first professional role was to play a young rural girl who comes to Jozi to look for opportunities for herself and her mother.

After a successful launch of her acting career, Nandi Mbatha has diversified her talent and joined the modelling industry.
Whe has worked for big brands and fashion designers in South Africa.

She modelled for the top-notch fashion designer Quiterier Atelier during the Paris Fashion Week 2020.
She has also worked with big brands like Cocacola, Khosi Nkosi, Fila and Cadbury.

Nandi has recently become one of the fashion trend setters for her agemates in South Africa.

Nandi Mbatha, Boyfriends, Dating and Entanglements.

Like they say, a successful career comes with alot if sacrifice which often include giving up your love life fir the sake of it.

For Nandi Mbatha, the dating scene has often treated her harshly full of drama, chaos and sometimes violence has caught up with her.

She has dated Anga Makubalo popularly known as Naakmusiq but they ended up having a traumatising breakup.
She was atually thrown out of the house with nowhere to go for sometime. It was actually a chaotic breakup but thank God she ended up being okay.

Nandi Mbatha has also dated the popular hip hop star Tellaman for a while before getting into some kind of a love triangle with RnB singer Rowlene.
They broke up in 2019 and has since moved on with Junior Kathi the son of popular South African DJ Tira.

Nandi Mbatha Cars and Net-Worth.

You might say that Nandi Mbatha is a spoiled kid when her parents decided to buy her a brand new car but also she is a very hard working young lady.

Brands be spoiling her left right and centre with endorsement and influencer deals.
She has been a brand ambassador for beverages, fashion houses, cara and electroncs.

Nandi Mbatha is definitely not your ordinary celebrity who depend on just their talent to make ends meet, she is a hard worker.

Her Net-Worth is currebtly standing at approximately over $500,000.

Quick Online Q ‘n’ A.

How old is Nandi Mbatha?
Her birthday is 27th November 1997.

Is Zamani and Nandi Mbatha related?
They are not related. Nandi Mbatha siblings are Pamela and Azanda Mbatha.

What did Nandi Mbatha study?
Political Science, then Switched to Law at University of South Africa.

How old is Simi from Isithembiso?
She was born on 27th November 1997.

Nandi Mbatha Plastic Surgery.

She had been rumored to have done plastic surgery on her body to achieve the look that she has.
Nandi has come out to dispute the claims and confirmed that she is all the way natural with her original looks and bidy shape that her mama gave her.

Nandi Mbatha Contacts.

You can always check her out on her social media hundles;

Instagram, Facebokk, Twitter, Tiktok @ nadii_m

Nandi Mbatha Tattoes.

The young actress is obsessed with ink on her body and she stated that she is on a mission to get her whole body covered by tattoes.

Her left had is covered halfway with a huge dragon Tattoes.