Nicah the Queen stormed out of the dinner organized by Size 8 Reborn after she was put on the spot over her dressing

Nicah the Queen, a Kenyan gospel artist, has come under fire from her fellow cast members in the gospel reality show, ‘Oh Sister’, for her choice of attire during a dinner organized by Size 8 Reborn.

Nicah was criticized for her dressing when she showed up at a dinner party organized by Size 8 Reborn in a tight black body contouring thigh-high dress with a higher slit running up the middle of her legs.

Lady Bee, Milly Wa Jesus, Betty Bayo, Pricilla Ndanu, and Janet Otieno, all of whom are cast members, criticized Nicah’s dressing, with Lady Bee stating that Nicah was not dressing appropriately as a sister in Christ. Nicah later walked out on the dinner party after wondering why Lady Bee could not mind her own business.

However, Nicah hit back at her critics, stating that she was a born-again Christian, and her dressing had no effect on her relationship with God.

Nicah the Queen

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In a statement on her Instagram after the confrontation, Nicah reiterated that the Holy Spirit was working in her life. She accused her fellow cast members of being jealous and acting like gatekeepers of Heaven. She also urged them to leave her alone.

“I am a born again Christian and the Holy Spirit is at work in my life….. How does my dressing affect my relationship with God!? Some people should stop acting like they are the gatekeepers of Heaven!? Hii ni wivu hawa wamama wako nayo! Waniwachane please! How can you invite me for a dinner to be attacked!? Jeeeez!” Nicah wrote.

Nicah’s social media pages show that she frequently dresses in tight and revealing clothing, often showing off her slim and curvy physique.

Nicah the Queen

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While some criticize her for not dressing modestly enough, Nicah maintains her dressing does not influence her relationship with God.