Nikita Kering: Brief Intro to her Bio and Achievements.

Starting her career when she was not yet even a teenager, Nikita Kering has grown to defy all the odds that you can think of.

Many people might think of her as one of the outliers or a unique talent that comes once in a long time.

She has juggled both the pressures of being a popular high school kid while still maintaining a good track record with her grades.

Nikita Kering started her music career in 2012 when she was just 10 years old.

She had an opportunity to sing in front of a large audience during the album launch of the great Kenyan gospel act Emmy Kosgey.

She later signed a record deal with Mr Eazi’s emPawa Africa and was among the artists who were undergoing training and mentoring internationally.

Even though she was deemed to be too young to compete at a big stage, she was the finalist of the contest and it gave her some great shine in the limelight.

Her song ‘Tragedy’ which depicts emotions revolving around violence in romantic relationships launched her as a talented RNB singer to watch out for.

At a very young age of 19, she has bagged a lot of international awards and nominations which has proven that she is here to take over the world.

Nikita has worn several awards including Pulse Music Video Awards (PMVA) in 2018 and four international awards (AAFRIMA) in 2019 and 2021.

Here is the biography and the story of Nikita Kering’s journey into music.

Nikita Kering, Age, Real Name, Parents and Tribe.

Nikita Chepchumba kering popularly known as Nikita Kering was born on the 26th February 2002. As the only daughter in her family, she has four siblings.

Her parents Joseph and Anne Kering have always been supportive of her career and talents from the beginning.

After realizing that their daughter has enormous talent in music, they did the best they could to ensure that she is in a position to juggle studies and pursue her dreams in music.

Nikita Kering was given enough freedom to do her music but her parents were strict when it came to being disciplined and professional in what she did.

Nikita Education Background.

Like any other Kenyan, Nikita Kering had to undergo the whole basic education system.

She attended Riara Springs Academy and Kilimani Junior Academy for her primary education.

Nairobi Academy is where she attended for her high school education the later joined Brookhouse International School to pursue a Business in Technology course.

Her main specialization in the A-levels is Music Performance, Business, Marketing and Production.

As much as she is dedicated to her career in music, Nikita Kering is committed to getting as much education as she can to support her career in music.

Its no doubt that Nikita is Multitalented all thanks to her curiosity and the urge to explore.

Its in school that she discovered that she can also be a good actress when performing stage plays and various school productions.

After seeing success in her music career, Nikita is looking forward to going back to school for an undergraduate degree is Music Business and Law.

Nikita Kering Love life/Boyfriend.

With all the success and the fame coming her way, Nikita Kering is loving and she also cares much for someone too.

In fact she always says that her level of care to her lover is to the extreme that she cant afford to mention him and put him in the public domain.

She finds it easy to keep it that way so that she could easily move around this entertainment industry.

So to everyone who wants a piece of her, you need to chill out. Nikita Kering is taken.

Nikita Kering Musical Career.

Starting out idolizing great international artists like Emmy Kosgey, singing along word for word to all of her songs, Nikita had an interest for music from day one.

Coming from a family of seven where they value the idea of identifying their passion and following it up to its fruition, Nikita Kering had no worries about the support from her parents.

Her father was hesitant about her music career at first but after seeing how her mother was passionate for music, he decided to change his mind and be supportive.

The support came with a catch though, Nikita has to be extremely disciplines and always be professional at what she does.

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This also translated to all her siblings; it was what her parents asked in return for letting them follow their passions.

All these are thanks to her mother who also grew up as a creative, so she had full understanding of the music and entertainment industry.

At the age of 9, she has a taste of limelight where she had a chance to be interviewed on TV and most people gravitating towards her art of singing.

Nikita Kering developing an interest in music at an early age came to life when she had all the training she needed from school plus an undying love and support from her family at home.

This is what gave her much confidence in herself and what she is set to do with her music career.

She was basically set up to make it big in the worldwide entertainment industry.

She joined college and studied a diploma in Business Technology and Music. On top of that Nikita frequently attends vocal classes to sharpen her vocal projections.

Nikita believes that education is not just sitting in class but the extra effort you put in on the side after learning something in class plus doing more research on things you learn.

If you can listen to her first song and compare it with the latest song she put out, you can see the growth in her music.

She is always steeping out of the comfort zones that she encounters in the journey of music and perfecting the art of discipline and confidence.

These little skills make a big difference when you are a functioning perfectionist like her.

Some other artists get sunk in being a perfectionist until they get creatively crippled by it but for Nikita, she knows what she is doing.

Nikita Kering’s Music and Lyrics Creation Process.

The music creation process that Nikita has adopted is the one which doesn’t condone laziness.

She takes time to write poetic lyrics, doing demos and getting second opinion from professionals like record producers in the creative industry.

You might say that she is a perfectionist but it works. The results are through the roof, so if perfection gets you somewhere big, the why not adopt it.

Nikita really puts in the work in terms of her music creation process.

Whenever the idea of a song comes to mind, the records it in different sounds and styles before choosing the most qualified style depending on the message.

Nikita Kering’s ‘The Ex’ Challenge.

The challenge was basically inspired by the popular song, ‘Ex’ created by Nikita Kering herself.

The inspiration behind the song came about when Nikita is trying to address the people who stay comfortable in toxic relationships.

“What influences such kind of people to stay hopeful and give it one more chance to such unhealthy/toxic relationships is not rooted in naivety but just the willingness to give it time to heal and grow”. Nikita Kering.

The song is actually a success mainly because Nikita is good at writing poetic lyrics with an outstanding delivery style and her voice gives it an extraordinary performance.

Its a combination of all these qualities that makes Nikita Kering much successful at this point in her life and its what gives her much confidence in her art.

Funny enough, before deciding to record the song, ‘Ex’, she shared a demo with one of the biggest Nigerian producers whose opinion on music matters that much.

Two days later his constructive criticism on it he suggested she change the song completely and make it more ‘Catchy’, to which Nikita refused.

Since the producer is a pro with more experience in music, Nikita thought to herself that maybe he said so because the song was not good and he was just trying to be polite.

But since she believed that much is how the song was at the time, she went ahead and released it with the original style anyway.

The song was a massive success and worn a lot of people’s hearts thus silencing her critics.

Miraculously, the producer came to like the song when it was already a hit.

Sometimes as an artist you need to listen to your heart and instincts. Most importantly, believe in your art before other people believes it.

Nikita Kering Net Worth.

From starting his negotiation price for local Kenyan stage performance at 3000 dollars per show, Nikita Kering is definitely making that money.

She is also making money internationally through performances and brand partnerships since her music has that universal appeal.

Apart from all those other cash revenues from her brand, Nikita it getting paid through streaming, something that gets her on top of the list in Africa.

Her net worth is not yet in the public domain but she is definitely over eight figures richer.

Nikita Kering Awards and Achievements.

Without even having that much longer run in the music industry, Nikita Kering has bagged some of the most coveted awards.

Whether it’s the local Kenyan music awards or the international ones, all of them happened on a big stage.

Her earliest achievements happened when she was nominated to be among the 10 Kenyan artists to join the EmPawa Africa by Mr Eazi.

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The initiative was set to scout and improve the African talent and provide exposure to the international levels.

He the finalist in the tournament but was not yet of age to proceed with the program.

With that alone, Nikita Kering proved that she was definitely a talented star who was made for this art of music.

She has set the record at the AAFRIMA Awards 2019 as the youngest Kenyan Fenmale artist to win two awards at such heights.

Here are some of the awards that Nikita Kering has been nominated for and won.


Best new Artist, Pulse Music Video Awards  (PMVA) 2018.

Best Female Artist in Eastern Africa, All Africa Music Awards (AAFRIMA) 2019.

Revelation of The African Continent, All Africa Music Awards, (AAFRIMA) 2019.

Best RnB and Soul Artist, All African Music Awards, (AAFRIMA) 2021.

Best Female Artist East Africa, All Africa Music Awards (AAFRIMA) 2021.

Nikita Kering Songs

Here are some of the songs from Nikita Kering that will definitely bless your playlist;

Happy With You.


Better Than Ever.

Never let You Go.

Where You Been.

Crossing lines.

Never let You go (Acoustic Version)

Forget (Intro).

You can go ahead and check out her music and albums here.