Noti Flow is young independent Kenyan female Emcee who comes from a unique liberal African family.

She spent her life both in Kenya and the USA where she has had a privilege of exposure to different cultures and ways of life.

As a rapper, she has managed to release some of the hit songs that topped the charts all over the East African music scene.

Her first hit song, ‘Hella’, was released in 2013 when she was still a teenager loaded with rhymes and unique music flow.

Most of the videos of her songs faced a lot of challenges getting played on TV because she was accused of incorporating lesbianism which is a violation of KFCB regulations.

‘Kamtia’ and ‘Nishike’ are some of her other hit songs that made the Kenyan music industry put some respect on her name.

There is no doubt that Noti Flow is a rich kid who happens to know how to hassle and earn for herself despite having massive inheritance from her parents.

Noti Flow is also an actress who did set books all over the country starting her career at the Kenya National Theatre right after finishing high school in 2010.

She has appeared on the cover of the standard’s Pulse Magazine cover and got featured in an episode of the Maisha Magic East’s Tujuane Plus and Papa Shirandula.

During her regular appearance as one of the acts at the Nairobi Diaries reality Show, she dated the legendary rapper Colonel Mustapha before switching to gay relationship.

Noti Flow has come out to be bisexual which allows her to be in a love relationship with both male and female gender.

She dated King Alami for a while before they broke up around mid-2022 when Noti Flow accused her of being an escort behind her back.

Here is her brief story and achievements as a Kenyan Rapper.

Noti Flow Biography.

Here is the story and the journey of Noti Flow as a controversial personality in the Kenyan entertainment scene.

Noti Flow Early Life, Parents, Age, Tribe and Real Name.

Natalie Florence Kutoto popularly known as Noti Flow was born on 20th May 1994 in nyahururu to a luhya family.

In 2004 her family moved to western Kenya where she started her primary education.

Noti Flow joined Bulovi primary school in Kiambiri, Kakamega region of western Kenya where she did her national K.C.P.E examination.

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In 2008, she moved to United States with her family for a short period of time then joined Cleveland High School where she graduated at the age of 16.

After completing secondary education, Noti Flow started developing her talent as an actress and rapper performing on a live stage in Nairobi.

Noti Flow Music Career.

Unlike most young African kids, Noti Flow had a privilege of discovering her passion and talent for music and stage acting.

While in high school in the US, she managed to become one of the cheerleaders thus signaling her ability to entertain and engage a crowd.

Since she completed high school at a very young age with no interest in joining college, she now had all the time for herself to do whatever she would like and experiment on different careers.

At the age of 17, she started going for rehearsals at the Kenya National Theatre for stage acting that involves musicals and plays.

After a few auditions she was selected to be among the crew that travelled all over Kenya performing set books in high schools in the up country.

After some time she switched to music since acting in Kenya doesn’t really pay that much considering the amount of work you put in.

Noti Flow Joined a music school where she really tried to study but she couldn’t, claiming that the school wasn’t really serious about teaching music but was just focused on the basic stuff.

She dropped out and decided to learn music through trial and error. She met up with Abbas Kubaf who happened to be her neighbor and held her hand in her journey as a rapper.

She started recording some of the songs she had written while still in high school.

Her successful song that receiver a massive airplay was ‘Hella’ which introducer her as a bad gal lyricist.

She later dropped other hits and quality videos that would put her in trouble after being accused of praising lesbianism.

Her songs have been banned from getting played on TV by Ezekiel Mutua, who was the director of KFCB at the time.

Noti Flow as an artist is always prone to controversies and she has managed to harness all the attention to work for her as a personality.

The drama surrounding her has definitely been the reason she appeared on reality TV shows like Nairobi Diaries and Tujuane which were very popular shown in East Africa.

Noti Flow Girlfriend and Dating Life.

Depicting from her lifestyle and the videos she puts out for her music, Noti Flow is definitely a proud Bisexual lady.

She has dated the legendary Kenyan rapper Mustapha who was also one of the acts at the Nairobi Diaries reality show.

After the two parted ways, she fell in love again but this time it was her lady counterpart called King Alami who worked as an escort in Nairobi.

She is also a bisexual just like Noti Flow but she engages in sexual relationships with men just for money.

The two broke up around early 2022 due to allegations of cheating in the relationship thus bringing about some trust issues.

Noti Flow accused King Alami of being an escort behind her back since she saw her kissing a man and entered a building together.

Despite the fact that she bought her a car worth Ksh 1.5 million, she still lost King Alami, her first real love.

Noti Flow Networth.

Despite the fact that she comes from a wealthy family, Noti Flow is definitely a hassle and has managed to build her career as an entertainer and a reality TV star.

She charges an amount of not less than Ksh 100,000 for both audio and video appearance for an upcoming artist but for an established artist she has a different fee.

Noti Flow believes in investing in her craft since music is her business and she doesn’t entertain people underestimating her demands for performances and appearances.

Her estimated net worth as of 2022 is over 150,000 dollars.