Risks and Benefits of Casual Sex Relationships.

Different people have different perceptions on the thought of celebrating casual sex, it all depends on the context in which someone choses to glorify it. People who like to engage in casual sex can either get celebrated, stigmatized, envied or relished. Other people tend to overthink about it and ruminating on the worst case scenarios […]

The Biography of Kartelo.

The multitalented young Kenyan star Kartelo is a comedian, musical artist and a radio presenter. He has made a name for himself in the Kenyan entertainment industry despite the challenges he has faced being born to a single mother and growing up in the slums. Kartelo is definitely an inspiration to many young people living […]

The Biography of Maandy.

Personal life and the Story of Maandy. Amanda Wambui a.k.a Kabaya a.k.a Maandy, is a 23 year old rapper, singer, song writer. She was born and brought up on Dagoreti, Nairobi. This is the neighborhood that has nurtured most of the biggest rappers in Kenya doing hip hop or Gengetone music. Maandy definitely has a […]

How Can You Break up With Someone You Love?

Tips on How to Safely Call it Quits. Breaking up with someone without ghosting or dumping them is definitely the hardest thing you can ever attempt to do. If it was easy I wouldn’t be writing this article right now and thing would have been as smooth as a cocktail. What usually makes breakup that […]

How Do You Tell if You are Dating a Psychopath?

First of all, what is a Psychopath? A psychopath has no official diagnosis, so it definitely doesn’t refer to someone with mental illness. The real definition of a psychopath in psychiatry is Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD). It refers to a person who often shows some patterns of manipulation and violations unto other people. Note that […]

The Biography of VDJ Jones.

Personal Life. Celebrity lifestyle is one of the things that everyone has been dreaming about for the longest time in history of humanity. What people fail to factor in the search for fame and being recognized by everyone is the negative side and the baggage that comes with being a celebrity. Most of the celebrities […]

The Biography of Odi Wa Muranga.

Personal Life. Francis Macharia popularly known as Odi Wa Muranga was born and raised in Muranga. He hails from a family of eight, one sister and six brothers. He attended Kindergathen and primary school in Muranga County. His high school education was an in-and-out kind of situation because Odi Wa Muranga was an undisputed rude […]

The Biography of Shay Diva.

The Story Behind the EX-Queen of Gengetone. Apart from what you have been hearing about the lifestyle of Sheila Mburu, better known as Shay Diva, there is always a background story to what she is right now. The story of her life, way before you started being curious about who she decides to date today […]

The Most Sexy and Attractive Female Body Shape (Figure).

When it comes to love, relationship or dating for that matter, there is no doubt that physical attractiveness matters. We, being human beings, usually infer from how someone looks and its difficult to avoid it. There are some other attractive traits such as compassion, gentleness, earning potential, emotional control and many more. All those are […]

Ghetto Leadership and Values:

Lessons From the Slum Lifestyle. Ghetto mindset in the corporate world. Ghetto is an isolated part of the city due to social, legal or economic pressure. It is associated with scarcity. People growing up in this part of the city have a scarcity mindset ingrained in them. They find it hard to adopt the abundance […]