Nairobi, Kenya, Mar 26- Opposition leader Raila Odinga has refuted claims by President William Ruto that he plans to cause anarchy in the country through anti-government protests.

Odinga said Sunday during a church service in Embakasi that, his main objective is to ensure that the rights of Kenyans are upheld under the Ruto administration.

“We don’t want to bring anarchy to our country, but we are fighting for our rights and we have a right to tell Kenyans the truth, The Bible says say the truth and the truth shall set you free,” Odinga said even as he vowed to lead more protests in Nairobi and other parts of the country Monday.

Odinga dismissed Ruto’s accusations as an attempt to divert attention from the challenges facing ordinary Kenyans, including the high cost of living.

Odinga has launched demonstrations since last week on Monday to force the government to tackle the high cost of living and protest the presidential victory he claims was stolen from him during the August 2022 polls won by President William Ruto.

Police chief Japheth Koome has outlawed similar protests set for Monday and Thursday and threatened to arrest anyone involved.

“Those demonstrations are illegal and we will not allow them to take place,” the IG said, “We are ready as security agencies. Every corner of this country is safe and secure.”

But Odinga has said it is the “business of police officers to protect peaceful demonstrators.”

“I am calling on Kenyans to turn out in large numbers for the peaceful demonstrations. Do not fear the police or the teargas,” Odinga said and blamed the police for disrupting last Monday’s “peaceful” demonstrations.

He also dared the police to arrest him.

Last week, President Ruto reiterated that he will not engage “anarchists” but he is ready for talks with leaders keen on national development.

The Head of State told off the opposition leader whom he accused of seeking to hold the country at ransom for his own political interests.

“You will not threaten us with ultimatums, chaos and violence. We will be rewarding impunity if we were to succumb to ultimatums and chaos. We will not,” he asserted.

President Ruto stated that Odinga had no genuine reasons to call for demonstrations.

He said the Azimio leader was only seeking for a political deal with the current administration through chaos and mayhem.

“Raila Odinga has no reason whatsoever to terrorize the country with chaos, demonstrations and violence. He has absolutely no reason. I have tried to listen to him he has none,” said President Ruto.