Elite lyricist Ras Kass also known as the “Waterproof Emcee” took to the stage in front of a very load O2 Islington Academy. The reaction Ras Kass received goes to show that even a veteran emcee who rarely gets any commercial radio play, has seen a musical resurgence amongst this new Spotify / TikTok generation who are drawn to quality and respect superb lyricism when they hear it.
We were treat to cuts from his classic albums “Soul On Ice” “Rassassination” “Blasphemy” and more…
The issue with artists that have a solid near 30 year discography is there are only so many tracks they can cram into a 25minute set, so we were definitely left wanting more.
Understandably this wasn’t the full Ras Kass show as he was opening up for The Pharcyde tonight, therefore next time round we would certainly expect more from this Hip Hop hero.
7 out 10 (Ras admitting him and DJ 279 put their set together on the fly. Which showed through a couple awkward moments)
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