This is the closet we have come to seeing the full original Pharcyde line-up on stage in decades. The group is famously known for falling out and splitting into two separate groups while occasionally coming together for big shows and special anniversaries. This was the 30th Anniversary tour of Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde their classic debut album.
The most fascinating thing about this show was the number of young multicultural students in attendance that were really into the Pharcyde and were rapping along to the lyrics.
Are we now seeing the benefits of the TikTok generation where a lot of legendary Hip Hop acts going through a resurgence are becoming popular again with a new younger generation?
At this stage Pharcyde have a catalogue of hits mainly from their first two Albums which could genuinely go show for show with nearly any other catalogue in Hip Hop history!
Tonight we heard the live versions of classic cuts such as “Passin me by” “Ova Fish” “Drop” “Running” & more…
As a seasoned trio, Slimkid3, Imanai & Fatlip graced the stage with an impeccable synergy, with Imanai especially displaying impressive dance moves (Considering they’re now in their 50s) including high kicks, Fatlip stage diving whilst Slimkid3 shut it down with his vocal harmonies.
Pharcyde’s legacy and influence can be felt by some of the largest names in Hip Hop when Rap superstar & fellow west coast MC/Producer Will-i-am (Black eyed peas) showed up just to hang out stage side before being invited onstage alongside Rap veteran Ras Kass to deliver stories about there shared histories and how they all influenced each other.
I very much enjoyed this show with the added bonus of seeing some West Coast Hip Hop Legends unified onstage.
9.5 Out Of 10!! (Near perfection. Just missing a couple classic cuts from the setlist)
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