I pull up to the ever iconic Jazz Cafe. The place is well attended with all ages and people from all walks of life. Which might be surprising considering must people I know know him from his hood hits. The ambience was filled with the sounds of the Jazz Cafe playlist. I always find it weird when promoters have an event with no DJ controlling the vibes. Gives me that waiting room energy.
Showtime and out comes his support act for the night. The viral sensation Cristale graced the stage. She was reeling off her catalogue of tracks and got the reaction when she dropped her song “Bong Bing”. Backed by Dj Spooky she fired sharp bars over hard hitting beats. The biggest reaction came from a stripped back song of some unreleased material. All round was a decent performance, but I’ve never been a fan of Artist’s who rap over their tracks, feels to karaoke for me. With more stage time and her levels of talent, she’ll definitely be one to watch!
With a small break and few more tracks of the playlist, it was star time!
Out came Tiggs Da Author in full star mode backed by a full band plus DJ. Styled fresh to death from head to toe (by Kashmir Wickham) in a full Generals suit, plus medals. One by one he went thru real musical tracks like “Blame it on the Youth” and “Georgia”. The crowd sung along with full voices. He was really well received and the energy was totally reciprocated.
The beauty of the music was the feel good element it fills you with. He then proceeded to go through a short medley of his rap bangers, where he provides some of the best hooks in the scene. The way the crowd sang the songs and started rapping out the verses from Nines and Potter Paper was a testament to how diverse Tiggs Da Author really is.
Half way through we got an outfit change where he came out with another army jacket, this time the word General was written on the back. True to form he really did command the stage like a general! With track after track just getting you in dance mode the Tanzanian Artist really came to shine.
After the performance a friend said he wished Tiggs had more featured appearances of his rap tracks, to which I responded I’m actually fully satisfied that he rocked the show on his ones and made this a presentation of his musicality. Tiggs Da Author truly is an artist able to span multi genres well. We salute you.
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