Thieves stole Rihanna’s driver’s car from outside the singer’s home.

Officers of the Los Angeles Police Department initiated an investigation when the Audi vehicle was seized while parked outside the pop star’s mansion in Beverly Hills, California, last week.

According to, the driver left the car running while he went into the house to get something, and when he returned, the vehicle had vanished.

It’s unclear whether Rihanna, who has a 10-month-old son with partner A$AP Rocky, was pregnant at the time.

The burglary comes only days after police were summoned to the star’s home to deal with a guy who arrived at the property with the aim of proposing to the “Umbrella” singer.

The unidentified fan had travelled from South Carolina to Los Angeles and walked up to the “Diamonds” hitmaker’s house before being stopped almost immediately by her security team.

After alerting them of his plans, the employees phoned cops and the authorities detained the man, put him in a squad vehicle and had a “serious chat about his intentions”, TMZ claims.

The man was found not to have infringed any laws, but he was ordered to leave and instructed not to return.

Eduardo Leon, 35, spent 12 hours inside Rihanna’s house in 2018 before being discovered by the singer’s assistant.

When he was arrested, he claimed he intended to have sex with Rihanna, who was not at home at the time, but he insisted he would not have done so without her permission.

He later pleaded guilty to stalking, vandalism and resisting arrest. He was sentenced to five years probation and ordered to participate in an Office of Diversion and Re-entry (ODR) programme, which is designed for offenders who have “mental health and/or substance use disorders, including persons who are homeless”.

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