Different people have different perceptions on the thought of celebrating casual sex, it all depends on the context in which someone choses to glorify it.

People who like to engage in casual sex can either get celebrated, stigmatized, envied or relished. Other people tend to overthink about it and ruminating on the worst case scenarios that might occur (both emotionally and physically) as a result of engaging in it.

But there are those other people who take the idea of sex and everything around it more casually.

Therefore, most people hold strong opinions on whether it is a good or a bad thing to engage in casual sex but as life goes by, these attitudes tend to shift over time.

To be safe on this one, you need to carry out some type of analysis of the cultural context and also the possible mental effects that casual sex might bring to you. This extended analysis will help you in deciding whether it is good for you.

What is the Meaning of Casual Sex?

The meaning of the phrase ‘casual sex’ can mean different things to different people. For the majority of the open minded population, they refer casual sex as a consensual sex done outside marriage, or a committed relationship.

The sex usually has no strings attached or any form of exclusivity or any expectations of commitment whatsoever.

Depending on the context upon which it is initiated, casual sex can mean any of the following;

  • Booty calls
  • One-night-stands
  • Hook-ups
  • Trysts or
  • Friends-with-benefits

There could be many other names referring to it depending on where your locality is but the meaning remains to be casual sex.

Casual sex can either be done once or regularly depending on the agreement between the partners. It can happen between friends, exes, colleagues, uncommitted partners, very close friends or even among strangers.

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Casual sex can often be planned, occur spontaneously or has been organized in advance. The basic definition of casual sex is the sexual relation or intimacy between two partners outside of emotions or any type of feelings involved. There is completely no attachment but pure sexual transaction.

Engaging in casual sex is a personal choice that allows someone to have as much casual sex partners as they can. To other people, casual hookups leading to sex are just a normal part of their lives.

The Constitution of Casual Sex.

What makes up to be casual sex does not always mean that intercourse is mandatory.

Casual sex can comprise whatever the range of activities which are perceived to be intimate like oral sex, penetration, kissing and masturbating mutually.

The Different Contexts of Casual Sex.

Different people derive different meanings from the sexual encounter they went through. To some people, casual sex represents a healthier sexual outlet just like regular exercise.

They also consider casual sex as the most enjoyable physical experience since there are no expectations or any responsibilities that comes with the normal relationships.

Casual sex enables an extreme and pleasurable sexual intimacy since it comes with zero emotional entanglements unlike when you are in a committed relationship.

What you should keep in mind is that casual sex can be fantastic or the worst sexual intimacy ever or it can be moderate/average depending on what you make of it.

Often times, sex outside any form of commitment is considered immoral and its often perceived to boost men’s masculinity and diminish the female superiority.

All these are just stereotypes and outdated beliefs but they all come into play when you are trying to understand your mental place in this casual sex thing.

A few bad experiences might lead a man to believe that his game is so down while for a woman she might label herself as loose or overused.

All these things are just the thoughts in your brain and has nothing to do with you, you just need to pivot the bad experiences as learning lessons.

All you need to be responsible for is yourself because sex still has the potential to transmit all sorts of STIs, lead to pregnancy or cause some kind of emotional injuries.

Barriers to Casual Sex.

There are a number of stumbling blocks that can prevent you from getting to experience the best sexual pleasures you will ever want. Things like beliefs and stereotypes associated with the engagement in casual sex.

Women have been having a hard time getting to a point where they can be in a position to enjoy sexual pleasures without getting in an entanglement. There exist some traditions that only allows women to engage in sexual activity only for reproduction while sex for pleasure is the biggest taboo.

These indigenous rules has led people to keep casual sex a deep secret because once you get caught, you might ruin your reputation and tarnish your public image.

Traditionally, women caught having casual sex are labelled trash, whores, sluts or any other worst name you can think of. All these nonsense just serves to the idea that women should not enjoy sex outside marriage or a romantic bond.

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In the recent times, birth control pills have provided a very safe space for women to enjoy the pleasures of sex without getting worried of pregnancies.

Effects of Casual Sex.

There are some people who are better at getting to comprehend the whole thing about casual sex without getting emotionally attached.

Others find it hard to get it straight in their minds because their touch and emotions naturally intertwine, thus making it harder to keep sex as casual as possible even if they intend to.

Women often finds it hard to keep it casual more than men and this can lead them to feel like they have been used and can lead to depression, regret or a constant feeling of embarrassment.

People who rush to engage in casual sex often find out later that they are hurt and keep wishing that there could have been a relationship because they feel unfulfilled with the experience.

Casual sex can also lead to power dynamics where one partner is satisfied and keeps it casual while the other wishes for more.

Whether casual sex is right for you or not, it depends on how you might feel about yourself later. Sometimes the only way to find out is through trial and error.

The best indication that casual sex is good for you is when you are quite exited after the action rather than having a feeling of shame or guilt.

Benefits of Casual Sex.

Engaging in casual sex can be helpful in wide areas of your life which sometimes take a lot of time to fully develop and let you adapt as fast as possible.

You can use casual relationships to boost your confidence without wasting time in getting into a committed relationship.

Casual sex can also be used to satisfy your wield sexual desire that you have been wanting or fantasizing for the longest time.

The frequent feeling of intimacy or companionship just for a while; can be served well through casual sexual relationships.

You will not have to worry about your heart getting ripped of your chest. You just have to try as much as possible to enjoy the best sexual pleasures you will never get in a committed relationship.