Rowlene Quick Bio and Achievements.

Growing up in a family that embraced music in its totality, Rowlene has grown to become a professional musiscian inside and out of South Africa.

Her grand parents were into Jazz and Blues fro the 80s and 90s.
As she started getting a grasp of what music is, RnB became her favorite genre.

Rowlene would listen and imitate music from Toni Braxton, Whitney Huston, Celine Dion and many more artists not knowing that she would be a mususcian one day.
He had always thought music was just a hobby to her but the fans and close friends pushed her to do it professionally.

She dropped her first song in 2015 titled ‘Imposter’ followed by a collaboration with Nasty C on the song ‘Phases’.
Her second single ‘Dance with You’ had a positive mass reception that she decided to do music full time.

In 2018, she became the first artist to be signed under Nasty C’s Tall Racks
In November 2022, the multiplatinum selling artist dropped an EP titlwd ‘Frequency’ featuring Blaqbonez, WurID and Oxlade.

Though she has been trying to find her place in the music industry, Rowlene had to first deal with things she didnt expect to get.

Rowlene Age, Real Name, Nationality and Parents.

Rowlene Nicole Boseman popularly known as Rowlene was born on 3rd March 1997 in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.
She grew up in Elsies River where she went to school and learned to sing and dance as a child.

She is a South African who grew up in her grand parents’ household.

Rowlene Music Career.

The South African singer-songwriter started out as a recording artist in 2012 doing demos for her friends who would sell beats to artists like Rihanna abroad.
Her close friends and the small circle of music she was in knew that one day in one way or another, Rowlene would become a star.

All the demos she featured on would later help the producers sell the beats.
At the time, she never thought that music would be something she would do for a living.

In 2015, she decided to test the waters; she bought the song from her producer friend and recorded ‘Imposter’ then dropped it on Soundcloud.
Many people including her close friends realized her talent and they all had to push her to focus on music full time.

All this time she was still in high school, grade 12 before later joining medical school to study dentistry.

From the succes of ‘imposter’ she dropped another single featuring Nasty C titled ‘Phases’ and it was a straight up hit.

Rowlene then took a 2 year break just to get her mind right but later came back and maintained her consistency as an artist.

In 2017, she moved to Johanesburg and dropped an EP titled ‘Evolution of a Robot’ and featured on A-Reece album with the song titled ‘Pride’.
Rowlene also featured on Flames EP, Clouds, with the song titled ‘ Between Me and You’.

After the features did well, she dropped her single titled ‘Swag’ which was produced by Gabbla Beats.
Two years later she dropped another 20 track project titled ‘Evolution of a Robot 2nd Generation’ featuring Kid X, Gemni Major, Nasty C, Lastee, Tellaman and many more.

Her latest project is an EP titled ‘Frequency’ which has incirporated international priducers from USA and Europe.
Thus is probably her biggest project she has ever released under Tall Racks Records.

Rowlene and Nasty C Relationship (Tall Racks Records)

The two first met when working in the song ‘Phases’ right after Rowlene’s succesful inception into the mainstream music scene.
Few moments later they did a collaboration son together titled ‘SMA’ and that is when Nasty C proposed his intentions to sign her as the first artist under Tall Racks Records.

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It too some time but on August 2020, Nasty C confirmed on his instagram that Rowlene is her new signee and all of the focus is directed towards making her shine.

The two have been working together ever since.

Rowlene Boyfriend.

Being a very beautiful and attractive lady, Rowlene has given a number of Mzansi’s men sleepless nights.
She has tried to keep her private life out of the limeligt but somehow it landed on social media.

Rowlene has once been caught up in a love triangle between Tellaman and a lady called Nandi who allegedly caused all the mess in her relationship.

She later broke up with Tellaman with the allegations of being too controlling and full of drama which is not really how she wanted to fall in love.

Rowlene has also fallen in love with Mathew Power as she was seen writing a heart warmed latter to him on his birthday. The instagram post has since been deleted, drawing conclusions of an alleged breakup between the two.

Rowlene Net-Worth.

Rowlene has definitely been moving in silence when it comes to showing off her iwn wealth.
Being an internationally touring artist from South African to the whole continent and now the whole world, Rowlene is definitely getting that money.

She is rumored to be worth approximately over $100,000 as of 2022.