When you hang out with great people, their greatness tend to overflow towards you and sooner than later the world will go crazy for you.

This is exactly what happened to Sammie Heavens, a South African upcoming poet and rapper.
She is not only identified as Nasty C’s ride or die partner but also a professional when it comes to spitting rhymes.

Though she is always going to exist in the shadows of his boyfriend, her music and social media personality will soon catch up with her brand.

Sammie Heavens is no doubt a house hold name in South Africa.
Whenever you think of how Nasty C has been consistent with his music, you must know that she did hold his hand whenever he got booed or praised on stage.

She is the true force behind the big brand that we know now as Nasty C, one of the best rappers to have ever come out of South Africa.

Sammie Heavens Real Name, Parents and Age.

Ntombjzodwa Beatrice Sibanyoni popularly known as Sammie Heavens was born on 27th April 1998 in Durban, Kwanzulu Natal.

She jouned Nuz Junior high school in Durban before later enrolling at Strelitzia Secondary School in Lotus Park Durban.
Sammie Heavens was just one grade behind Nasty C in senior high school.

She later joined University of Kwanzulu Natal to pursue a degree in psychology.

Sammie Heavens and Nasty C Love Story.

This unique love story starts way back when the two love birds were at Nuz Junior high school in Durban.
Around this time is when Nasty C discovered his love for Hiphop music and the art of spitting rhymes.

During this time is when he needed love and undeniable attention from a female sice he never spent much time with his mother.
Sammie Heavens was a like a God sent guardian angel to him or you might say his mom ‘good ancestor’ who sent a companion to his little boy.

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The two became friends and later fell in love with eachother to this day.
They be doing music together, travel wherever and be eachother’s shoulder to lean on.

Though the world is often crazy about Nasty C, according to him, he will always be crazy about his childhood girlfriend Sammie Heavens.

They bith have matching tattoes of latter V, sun emojis and images of an eye. Reportedly, they are a dedication to Nasty C’s mother IVy.

Their joint instagram is @k.i.s.t.w.w.c which means; kids in school thought we were crazy.

Sammie Heavens Music Career.

Having your name associated with big brands comes with alot of expectations from the public and this could lead to a rabbit hole of perfectionism.

Though she is multitalented young woman who is yet to discover her full potential, Sammie Heavens has learned to live with the pressure of being Nasty C’ lover.

She is not only a beautiful lady on social media, but also a poet, painter, social media influencer, rapper and a fashion designer who has hopes of opening her own recors label in the near future.

She recently shared a video of herself rapping to her music on TikTok and went viral through her few 100k followers.

Sammie Heavens is definitely talented when it comes to rap music but she has to deal with expectations of the fans and critics.

Before her viral moment, she had recorded an EP with a total of four songs but she was waiting for a perfect rime to release it.

After the positive feedback from her viral video clip, she dropped the EP titled ‘July’ which had a very good receptiom amongst her fans.

Though she had been reluctant to drop her music, Sammie Heavens still has immense support from her forever partner Nasty C.

In december 2022, she released a poetry anthology titled Looking Into Me.

Sammie Heavens Net-Worth.

Though she is still new to the music entertainment industry, Sammie Heavens has managed to make a name and some money for herself.

From just doing her businesses and engaging with brands, she has managed to amass a networth of approxmately $200,000.

Sammie Heavens Contacts.

Instagram @sammieheavens.
Facebook @SammieHeavens.
Twitter @sammieheavens.
Tiktok @sammieheavens
YouTube @SammieHeavens.