Brief Intro to the Bio of Scar Mkadinali.

As far as hip hop scene in Kenya is concerned, Scar Mkadinali has proudly taken the crown of being the best lyricist.

He has written a lot of songs for his crew and for other artists.

The biggest and most influential names in Kenya have come out to appreciate his music terming it as real and authentic to the life of most Kenyans.

Khaligraph Jones, the best rapper in Africa, officially crowned him as the best lyricist to have ever existed in the East African hip hop scene.

Michael Olunga himself, the first African to score three goals in the Spanish La Liga, shared a video of himself jamming to Wakadinali’s song ‘Mtoto Wa Mama’.

In the video Michael Olunga gave a shout out to Scar Mkadinali as the leader of the Wakadinali Rap Group.

Scar Mkadinali, like any other member of the Wakadinali group, has a reputation of bringing his A-game to the records he gets featured in.

This is probably the reason why he is the most sought after rapper in the hip hop scene. His verse always stands out in a record.

It’s a blessing in disguise because most fans of his music don’t bother to listen to other artists’ bars if Scar’s verse comes first in a song.

Here is a brief biography of Scar Mkadinali.

Scar Mkadinali Real Name and Background.

Churchil Mandela better known as Scar Mkadinali was born and raised in Nairobi Eastlands Areas of Umoja 1.

When you talk about all the struggles and the harsh reality of life that people living in the slums face every day, Scar Mkadinali has seen it all since he was a little kid.

Growing up in Eastlands basically means that you will always face the roughest treatment from all aspects of the immediate surrounding environment including the government.

All of these factors makes you think and live a certain way. For Scar Mkadinali, he is the product of his environment as he always claims.

The experiences of the life he lived in the slums is what inspires his lyrics, style of music and the overall personality he displays.

This is probably the reason why he fell in love with hip hop as a genre of music. The confident and yet thoughtful way of expression shown by hip hop artists is what grabbed Scar’s attention.

He went to school with his friends and partners of the Wakadinali Group.

His love for music came at an early age while still in primary school. Before joining high school, Scar Mkadinali and his Partners Domani Munga and Sewer Sydaa formed the now famous rap group, Wakadinali.

Scar Mkadinali Family Life.

Scar is not yet in a married relationship but he has a kid.

Being a father has definitely changed his life, from the way he moves to how his lives his life now that there is somebody who will depend on his decisions every day.

His life choices have to factor in the fact that he is a dad and he has to be there for his kid.

The changes he made with his residence location by moving from Nairobi to Kisumu in the name of keeping a low profile is what might change his mindset in some way, shape or form.

From being a gangsta to being a father, you need to embrace vulnerability and be able to compromise for the sake of the family.

This cant be attained easily, you will have to disconnect from your normal ‘toxic’ surroundings and go somewhere else to undergo some deep personal reinventions.

This did definitely what Scar Mkadinali did, simply because he has a family now who needs him.

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Scar Mkadinali Songs and Albums.

In early 2022, Scar Mkadinali released a studio album which was purely a solo project that depicts what he had to share about his journey so far in the music industry.

Being the leader of the Wakadinali crew, he was the only one without a studio project out yet.

Most of his die-hard fans were looking forward to the project since they know that he always delivers and never disappoints.

Scar Mkadinali’s ‘Easy’ studio project, he featured several artists including his other group members with him executive producing the album.

The producers who worked on the album were Ares66, Afvka, 25HRS and Dre.

The following are the tracks on the whole studio album;

  1. Should Be.
  2. Bachelor Degree.
  3. TZ ft Dyana Cods.
  4. Hera ft Apesi.
  5. OPPS.
  6. Mountain Mover.
  7. A Million Dollars.
  8. Mbegu.
  9. Just In Case.
  10. Halooo ft Domani Muga and Sewersydaa.

The track list is definitely a combination of deep well thought out lyrics, exceptional performance and phenomenal production.

You can stream Scar Mkadinali’s songs and the studio album here.