How Gengetone Music is Forcing Parents to have Sex Talks with their Kids.

Sexual Conversation in African Societies.

It also refers to the occasional sex talks.

It is a vital conversation on topics concerning the two different sexual genders, the encounters surrounding the sexes. Sex conversations needs to be brought into the household levels in most African societies.

The fact is that is still regarded as a taboo to talk about sex in public, which is what keeps the young generations get lost in finding themselves and understanding what comes as a result of their sexuality on a daily basis.

Is has been said that children can be brainwashed by their parents to an extreme extent if they want to.

So it could be very important to suppress the awkwardness surrounding sex talks in families and focus on raising a generation that is aware of their sexual encounters as they mature in real time.

These talks can help a growing child react to the effects of their sexuality in a more responsible way other that just being reckless about it.

In most cases, maturing kids find out that sexual pleasure is actually good as they attain a sexually active age in their life and they engage in irresponsible sexual behaviors that can cost them dearly.

This happens because they do not have learned the necessary lessons regarding sexual attractions they are experiencing at that time.

No one at home seems to care about what they are going through, since kids trust their parents more than anybody else.

Some go through a breakup and might end up hurting themselves or other people as a result of the pain they go through. Sexual conversations prevent most of the negative impacts brought about by sex.

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Schools and higher institutions have been doing a good job at educating kids on this subject because it has been made to be a safe space for such kind of conversations.

These safe spaces were not created easily; in fact it was through some sort of shear forces pressed upon the school instructors and the stake holders of education systems to incorporate sex education into the curriculum.

Same thing has to be done by the different settings of households in Africa since the contemporary life in in African societies has changed greatly and it is affecting their way of life.

The best thing to do at this point is to hop on the ride and move with the changing times.

To force ourselves into doing what is best for this generation to make sure that they thrive as they compete with the rest of the world in various sectors of development without losing their cultural roots.

It can be challenging to do so but it will definitely have a positive impact on them.

If sex conversations can’t be forced being held on an occasional basis, our kids will copy the other progressive cultures and we might lose them for real because the western culture is more of freedom of expression in all the ways including sexual.

So it’s a high time to pay attention to the needs of the new generation and make sure they mature as descent Africans and not some form of lost persons without any sense of progress or culture.

Gengetone: The Safe Heaven for Sex Talks in Kenya.

Kenyan traditional societies like any other African society faces the challenge of engaging in sex education with their children. For the longest time, sex has been regarded as sacred and only two people in marriage are allowed to talk about it.

Since the inception of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), African traditional societies have been struggling to bring the conversations about sex to broad day light.

Schools has been the safe heaven for kids to be taught about sexual conducts that can sabotage their lives.

Still this is not enough if kids go back home and default to the normal life with their parents and members of the community failing to reinforce the idea of sexual responsibility.

Talking about sex is still regarded as a taboo, that is why kids find information about sex on the internet and this can either empower them for their own good or the discovery of how good the idea of sexual freedom is.

This happens when a kid finds out some new information, which is vital for their normal day life, through some other sources which are not their parents or teachers.

A few years back, the inception of the fastest growing music genre of Gengetone has exposed the young kids to extreme sexual talks that lure them to engage in sex. This is true because the lyrics are delivered in simple Swahili and English often fused together under the street language of ‘Sheng’.

Kids nowdays don’t have to struggle to understand other western music and cultures. Gengetone serves them what they have been looking for in the longest time.

This has exposed how the traditional African society beliefs and practices concerning sex need to be restructured to fit the needs of the new generation.

Right now, a song can be banned on TV but still, kids can access it through the internet or listen to the song through the public address systems installed in the streets. Either way there is no other way out unless we sit down and talk about how African values have been pushed aside for a long time and now the western culture has been deeply rooted in our community.

Gengetone lyrics and music videos have shown how hipocritic the Kenya societis are.

We pretend to practice the Christian way of life (which is basically European way of life) and pretend to believe in the African values (which should be taught in school and everywhere) but still try to copy the ways of popular culture at the same time.

This has been what leads the kids to try and find some other cultures they can relate to.

Therefore, the Kenyan popular culture has been Gengetone, which has to some extend filled the gap that the new generation of kids in were yearning to be filled.

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Whether parents like it or not, they have to engage in matters sex talk and try to have a conversation with their kids on how they can try to conduct themselves sexually.

Remember, sexual abstinence has been hard to implement in the recent times. Kids these days are sexually active at a very young age.

The availability of technology has made everything they need to know about sexual performance available.

If the parents fail to do their due diligence and go back to blaming Gengetone artists for their vulgar lyrics, they are the one who are going to lose.

Nobody can really censor creativity of an artist. When the song is hot, then its always going to slap hard in the streets, parties, events and everywhere. So kids are going to consume the music anyway.

Let the artists be artist and parents be parents and kids be kids. Either way Gengetone is supposed to make people money and sell the Kenyan street culture but not to teach someone else’s kids how to behave.

If your kid in misbehaving the it means you, the parent, has been misbehaving for the longest time.