Detectives investigating the Shakahola cult in Kilifi County have exhumed 10 more bodies, bringing the total tally of deaths related to the cult to 211.

According to updates from Coast Regional Commissioner Rhoda Onyancha, two of the bodies exhumed on Tuesday are children.

Three male people believed to be followers of controversial preacher Paul Mackenzie were rescued while in critical condition.

As of Tuesday, May 16, 2023, 84 had been rescued alive, while the number of those suspected missing has risen to 610.

Additional four men whom detectives allege may have been supervisors of the fast were also arrested.

Mackenzie, the head of the Good News International Church, surrendered to police in March and was charged after two kids died of starvation while in their parents’ care.

He was released on a Ksh100,000 cash bail but was later re-arrested on April 15, 2023, after more bodies were found in relation to the same.

He is accused of encouraging his followers to starve to death in order to “meet Jesus”.