Intro to Silverstone Barz Bio and Achievements.

Starting out as a recording artist in 2014, Silverstone Barz has kept a consistency in the game until her breakthrough in 2018.

She managed to be featured in the Khali Cartel 3, which is one of the most coveted hip hop platforms in the whole of East Africa.

The platform opened doors for her including new audiences and paid stage performances.

King Kaka also recognized her talent by choosing her as one among the top female rappers to be featured in the Round 3 track.

Silverstone is definitely the Kenya’s Nicki Minaj who is fearless and confident to do what she has to do to rise over the top of the hip hop scene in Africa.

Here is her story and journey in the music industry.

Silverstone Barz Background, Age and Real Name.

Born and raised in Nakuru as a first born child, Silverstone worked with the Nakuru North Rift Record Label as she was still an underground rapper.

Nicole a.k.a Silverstone Barz was born in 3rd January 1997, and she is one of the lucky artists or youth in general to have discovered what trajectory to take in life at an early age.

This led her to start perfecting her craft at the age of 16, hitting the studio as she was already turning pro and pushing her music as much as she could.

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Plus she is the first born child in her family, so she is very much aware of the pressure that comes with setting up the pace for her younger siblings and artists who look up to her for inspiration.

She later moved to Nairobi for college education and try to pursue her passion for music.

Silverstone Barz Music Career.

Silverstone Barz Grew up looking up to artists like Nicki Minaj who have defied the odds of the male dominated hip hop scene which is often ruled by egotistic men who might not be that open minded about women taking over.

Judging from her persona, fashion style and the confidence level, Silverstone Barz has often been referred as the Kenyan version of the rapper Nicki Minaj.

With that level of confidence in her style and the ability to develop the skill of rapping, she started doing freestyles at when she was still just a teenager.

This time she was juggling between high school studies and learning about music in general.

The first time she decided to hit the studio, Silverstone Barz had already found her style, hardcore, poetic and alternative hip hop.

This blend of different versions within hip hop music is what would later make her brand unique and relatable with most urban audience.

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Most people criticize her style saying that she is trying so hard to emulate the American accent in her lyrical performance but she keeps on maintaining her confidence.

The critics might have expected her to just flow generically just like most upcoming hip hop artist in Kenya  who do the same style ending up struggling to get the breakthrough they need.

Silverstone Barz has invested enough into the development of her craft as an artist to an extend of setting up a professional recording studio in her house.

Though she is still new in the mainstream music scene, she is putting in the work and the finances to ensure quality music is associated with her brand.

In 2018, she released a single, ‘Running Game’, featuring G-Chess and it got a played at KBC’s Club 1 Xtra for the first time.

The song introduced her into the mainstream media as a professional rapper and from there, Silverstone Barz as a brand was ready to fly.

She got featured in one of the most coveted hip hop platforms in Africa, The Khali Cartel 3 in 2018, which brought her new fans and a started getting booked for big stages.

In October 2019, Silverstone Barz was among the rap Femcees (Frida Amani, Dyana Cods, She Flo and Tilly) to be featured in ‘Round 3’ track by the legendary rapper King Kaka.

The song featured the new hip hop rappers with extraordinary talent breaking into the mainstream music scene.

Since she was already equipped with talent and financial support, Silverstone Barz was on the rise, dropping songs back to back with best video quality.

She has now made a name for herself as the undisputed rapper in Kenya with fans all over the world who love hip hop music.

Silverstone Barz Boyfriend and Net Worth.

Coming from a middle class family, Silverstone Barz is definitely one of the ‘Cool Kids’ who never had much or no struggles when it comes to finances or paying bills.

At the moment she is not in a committed relationship but is willing to listen to anybody who is financially organized and capable of taking care of her.

The Nairobi based artist invests a lot in her music in general. Her videos cost between Ksh 200 – 300k per video and she has a number of them released and others in the store.

It is clear that she didn’t come into the scene as a starving artist but she had enough financial cushion that enabled her to put out quality music which gives her massive returns.

Having royalties from a number of streaming platforms, YouTube, Stage performances and endorsements, Silverstone Barz has a net worth of approximately over 60,000 dollars.

Silverstone Barz Songs and Albums

It no doubt that Silverstone Barz is a hit maker, her lines are always hard hitting bars that makes you want to listen closer from one song to the other.

She has released a number of projects including two albums and several singles with features from big names like Victoria Kimani.


QUEENPIN released in 2020 with 10 Songs.

  1. G.O.A.T ft Timmy Blanco.
  2. My Shit.
  3. Mexico ft Jovie Jovv.
  4. Midnight In Nairobi
  5. Pull Up ft  Dez
  6. Bodies In The Freezer.
  7. Watch Yo Mouth.
  8. Friendz W Them.
  9. For Real.
  10. Swerve.

DON BOTHER released in 2021 with 7 tracks.

  1. Don Bother ft Brian Simba.
  2. Fog Lights ft Timmy Blanco & Benny Ali.
  3. Okay Okay fr Boutross.
  4. Hexagon.
  5. Tripping.
  6. Bored Alone.
  7. Kicks ft Scar Mkadinali.


Bobby ft Timmy Blanco.

If Its On ft Boutross.

Africana ft Victoria Kimani.

Khali Cartel 3

Take it Over Der.