Sol Phenduka is a South African Radio Personality, DJ, Composer, Musuc Producer, Reality TV Star and a Song Writer.
Currently, he is the Co-host of Podcast and Chill with Mac G.

Sol Phenduka Quick Bio and Achievements.

Growing up in a single mother household, Sol Phenduka has managed to not only attain higher education degree but also achieve his dream as an Entertainer.

He started out at age 16 as a record producer with just shear drive, talent and a small computer from his loving mother as an investment in his talent.

His mother was an endless source of inpiration to him everyday as he was going after what makes him happy.

Sol Phenduka joined Yfm in 2010 as an intern through the Y Academy program.
6-months later he was among the co-hosts of the breakfast show ‘Flava in Da Monin’.

He was also among the contestants of the popular tv show, Big Brother Mzansi season 3.

He later joined 5FM four years later and was the co-hist of the legendary DJ Fresh on the show ‘Fresh at 5’.

Being a popular authentuc entertainer, Sol Phenduka has achieved alot in terms of growth in the entertainment industry and financial portfolio.

He is the co-host of the popular podcast in South Africa titled Podcast and Chill with Mac G.

Sol Phenduka speaks over four languages including English, Xhosa, Zulu, Sotho.

Sol Phenduka Age, Real Name, Mother and Education Background.

Solomzi Thandubuntu Phenduka popularly known as Sol Phenduka was born on 18th February 1987 in Johanesburg, Guateng South Africa.

He is born to a single mother.

Sol Phenduka graduated from St. Fransis College in Benoni for his high school education.
In 2011, he graduated from University of Johanesburg witha degree in Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing.

Sol Phenduka Music Career.

Sol Phenduka has been a music producer since he was 16.
He also was a rapper with a stage name ‘Savage in Vosloorus’ rapping throughout his early teenage life.

Sol Phenduka was not happy with hiw his rap career was going so he ventured into making beats with a computer he got from his single mother as a gift.

He made several hiphop beats and later switched to house music beats.
With the rising popularity of house music in South Africa at the time, Sol Phenduka majored in it and launched his music career with massive hits.

Without even an album he managed to get people dancing to his music singles thus earning him a big following and a reputation as a professional entertainer.

His brand of house music is a blend of Nujazz and Afrobeats, which bring out a very soulful African Sound.

Sol Phenduka made an introduction to the music scene with songs like ‘Mount Zion’, ‘Chalk n Cheese’, and later dropped ‘Uhuru’.

In 2012 Sol Phenduka signed a Multi-Album management deal with Native Rhythmn in a joint venture with Sony Music.

He later did collaborations with Afro Soul Princess Cama Gwini and did a follow up single ‘Isolomzi’.

It no doubt that Sol Phenduka was among the pioneers of the now popular South African amapiano Music.

Sol Phenduka Radio Career.

When he was yet to graduate from the university of Johanesburg, Sol Phenduka was lucky to be among the interns at YFM who were to spend their next six months learning about radio industry.

After the whole training he joined Mo Flava as the co-host of the popular morning show ‘Flava in Da Monin’.

Sol Phenduka worked at Yfm untill february of 2014 where he had gained massive popularity as a host and a reality TV star.

After leaving Yfm he joined the legendary DJ Fresh at 5FM as a co-host of the breakfast show ‘Fresh at 5’.

Here is when he started getting into controversies from his segment on the show, ‘Fresh or Vrot’.
Sol Phenduka made a comment on air which was considered inappropriate about a 16 year old axe-attack survivor of the Van Breda Family.

He was suspended for three days in 2015 and though he later appologised on twitter, the whole show was cancelled.

In 2016, Sol Phenduka left 5FM’s popular breakfast show and was the host of his own show ‘SOS’ which also gained massive attention from the youth.

He later resigned from the radio station in October 2016 to focus on his other projects he had lined up.
This also gave him a chance to ficus on hus personal life and his long term battle with Chronic Depression.

Sol Phenduka Podcast and Chill with Mac G.

After the succesful radio career and immediate exit from the scene, Sol Phenduka got back in the game.
This time he is still doing broadcasting but with little to no censoring from whoever.

Podcast and Chill with Mac G and The Ghost Lady was successfully launched in 2018 and Sol Phenduka was the perfect co-host of the podcast according to Mac G.

The two have a similar encounter of often struggling to attain maximum freedom of speech like they want to.

Sol Phenduka Net- Worth.

Though he has recently been fighting with the sponsors of his brand and podcasts, Sol Phenduka still has a descent bank account.

He made his money from his music, radio career and histind different live shows all around South Africa.
His net worth is estimated to be at $200,000.

Sol Phenduka Big Brother Mzansi TV Series.

In 2014 on the return of Big Brother Mzansi, a reality TV show, Sol Phenduka was among the 18 contestants (Housemates and Chambermates).

His charm and ability to be interesting helped him survive all the evictions till he was among the finalists.
He was voted by viewers as the best Head of the House Season 3.

Unfortunately he was not the ultimate winner of the grand prize of R1Million.

His close friend Mandla won the prize.

Sol Phenduka Girlfriend.

Talking to Kellaman on Kellaman Show, Sol Phenduka rwvealed that he has been in a long term relationship and he is not ready to mingle.

The details about his exact soulmate are still kept away from the public.