‘Stella’ has told Freshly Mwamburi what he should have done after seeing her with the baby at the airport

‘Stella’ has finally responded to Freshly Mwamburi’s allegations of infidelity after 31 years of silence. Freshly aired his accusations in his ‘Stella Wangu’ song.

Kayte Melo, an emerging artist, has released a cover where she portrays ‘Stella’, attempting to communicate to Freshly what he should have done upon witnessing her disembark from the plane with a baby in her arms.

In the cover, ‘Stella’ acknowledges that Freshly had done everything within his means to ensure that she received a quality education abroad because they were deeply in love.

Freshly Mwamburi and the love of his life in the ‘Stella’ video

She further explains that after completing her studies in Japan, she informed Freshly about her arrival date in Kenya, expecting him to pick her up. However, things didn’t go as planned.

While on the plane to Kenya, ‘Stella’ encountered a Japanese couple who had a baby. She took the opportunity to share her love story with Freshly with them.

She even offered to hold the couple’s baby. When the plane landed, ‘Stella’ disembarked with the baby, accompanied by Chung’, while his wife followed them as they made their way out of the plane.

As anticipated, Freshly was waiting for her at the airport, but he was displeased with what he saw and assumed that Chung’ was now ‘Stella’s’ husband, which angered him.

‘Stella’ explains that she handed the baby to Chung’ and hurriedly chased after Freshly, who was walking away.

Freshly Mwamburi

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Unfortunately, she arrived too late, as Freshly had already entered his car and driven away, leaving her feeling helpless.

‘Stella’ solves the puzzle for Freshly

‘Stella’, however, regrets holding Chung’s baby upon disembarking the plane, as it ended up costing her relationship with Freshly.

‘Stella’, on the other hand, believes that Freshly should have waited for her to step off the plane and ask her questions instead of jumping to his own conclusions regarding the baby.

According to ‘Stella’, everything could have been resolved, and they could have remained together if Freshly had conducted his own investigation.

She attempted to reconcile with him, but her efforts were in vain after discovering that the love of her life had moved on.