Growing up in the villages of Oyugis, Homa Bay County with big dreams but living a harsh and somewhat disappointing reality, Stivo Simple Boy has grown to be the biggest artist in Kenya and is recognized all over East Africa.

He is the creator of the viral catchphrases including, ‘Ndio Manake’, ‘Inauma But Itabidi Uzoee’ and ‘Freshi Barida’.

Stivo Simple Boy rose to the limelight after creating a song titled ‘Mihadarati’ in December 2017, which spreads awareness among the youth to shy away from drugs.

The song went viral after performing on a Comedy TV show ‘The Chipukeezy Show’ which was airing on Ebru TV.

The lyrical contents of his song are always to spread positivity, expose the good and the bad deeds in the society. He believes that as an artist he should be a reflection of the society that he comes from.

His personality, charm and simplicity is the thing that draws a lot of audience towards him and are always ready for his next catch phrases.

After his rise to fame in 2018, Stivo had managed to release a number of hit singles and features with different big artists in Kenya including Vivian Kenya, Mejja, Exray, Adasa and many more artists in the East African Music scene.

Stivo Simple Boy has been nominated for the Mashujaa Awards in 2019, Artiste of the year, alongside Bahati, Khaligraph Jones, Nyashinski and Nadia Mukami.

He managed to win the award thus beating all the other big names in the highly contested award category.

Here is the story of stivo simple boy from growing up in the villages of Nyanza provice to becoming one of the biggest Kenyan superstars.

Stivo Simple Boy Biography.

The story of Stivo is one of self-belief, amazing talent and massive self-drive which has pushed him to greater heights of the music industry.

Starting out as a street music performer in 2008 who seemed to be hopeless, he kept his head up doing freestyles and writing bars every day.

Stivo Simple Boy is a true testimony of rags to riches though he was often met with moments of hopelessness, self-doubt and massive underration from the stake holders in the music industry.

This is the journey of how Stivo Simple Boy managed to make it out of the Africa’s biggest Slum.

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Stivo simple Boy Age, Tribe, Family and Real Name.

Stephen Otieno Adera popularly known as Stivo Simple Boy was born in 28th January 1990 in Oyugis, Homabay County in Nyanza province of Kenya.

He is the second last born child of a family of eight siblings who come from a family of luo tribe, five boys and three girls but one is deceased.

Stivo Simple Boy Education Background.

When he moved to Kibera Slums of Nairobi, he landed in Lindi village and joined Anwa Junior Academy where he completed his primary education.

Due to lack of finances to fund his high school tuition fees, he never proceeded with his education but just became a primary school leaver.

Since education didn’t work for him, he went back to the streets to do what he had to do to survive everyday.

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Stivo Simple Boy Music Career.

After finishing primary school education, Stivo Simple Boy tried doing all he can to make ends meet since his family was under extreme poverty.

He did a sorts of menial jobs from construction, food hawking to being a security guard.

In 2007 he started pursuing his passion for music which seemed to be impossible at the time.

Stivo used to do freestyles and perform in front of the crowd in the slums of Kibera though many people thought he was a crazy mad guy.

With all the misconceptions from the public about his mental state, he tried numerous times to record his music but different producers never took him seriously.

He regularly attended rehearsals at Kibera Creative Arts (KICA) which helped him develop his talent career as an underground rapper.

KICA was responsible for many live stage opportunities that Stivo had to perform and test his level of audience engagement.

His first few stage appearances were during events such as Art Attack Festivals, Kibera Music Competition and Uchaguzi Bila Fujo.

Around 2015 he managed to record his first song titled ‘Ukimwi’, which creates awareness about the control and prevention of HIV/AIDS.

In 2017 he recorded his second song ‘Mihadarati’ which would later become his breakthrough song in 2019.

The song led to him being named the ambassador of National Authority for the Campaign Against Drug Abuse (NACADA) in 2019.

The song was popularized by the Chipukeezy Show hosted by Chipukeezy himsels who was also the NACADA board member.

From then, Stivo has been growing his talent and his brand has managed to reach different audience all over East Africa.

Stivo Simple Boy released other viral songs that ended up becoming Kenya’s favorite catchphrases like ‘Freshi Barida’ song that was once a viral sensation.

He has been featured by different Kenyan artists including Vivian, Mejja and many more artists.

Stivo Simple Boy Manager, Merch and Record Label (Made in Kibera).

Made in Kibera is the record label that signed Stivo Simple Boy way before his moments of fame.

The label was founded for a sole purpose of spotting and developing talent in the slums of Kibera and in the recent times, many artists have benefited from the label’s initiative.

Geoffrey Ochieng Oyoo, a standup comedian who was once a winner of the Churchill’s popular comedy tournament, is the founder of the label.

After winning the prize, he retreated to Kibera slums and dedicated his life to develop all forms of talents sprouting in the streets through his established label.

He is also the personal manager of Stivo Simple Boy and also the director of most music videos coming out if Made in Kibera record label.

Oyoo is also the brand manager and the lead negotiator of the endorsement deals and clothing merchandise that are associated with Stivo’s brand.

The two have a 50/50 business deal agreements.

Stivo Simple Girlfriend and Marriage.

When Stivo was still an underground rapper in Kibera, he met Pritty Vishy who was an up-coming YouTuber at the time.

The two later fell in love and dated for about three years before breaking up in 2022 due to allegations of mistreatment and lack of direct communication between them.

Pretty Vishy alleged that Stivo’s Management doesn’t respect their relationship and they keep controlling him to the point of not being given a chance to make decisions in his personal life.

At the moment, Stivo is still single and is back to the dating pool and this time he is careful from the ladies who are out to just take advantage of his brand.

Stivo Simple Boy House, Cars and Net Worth.

Stivo Simple Boy as an artist from the slums of Kibera, he has managed to rise up the ranks of life as a Kenyan musician.

He has risen from living in the muddy houses of Kibera with a shared toilet to a private apartment in Kayole.

He no longer sleeps hungry like he used to when he was in Oyugis plus his brand has grown and is now associated with corporate deals.

In 2020, he secured an endorsement deal with Dental Health Clinic Orthodontics Kenya and in 2021, he was among the influencers of ODI bets.

Stivo’s net worth is still not yet revealed to the public but he is definitely in a better financial situation.

Stivo Simple Boy Songs, Albums and Mixtapes.

When you talk about music that shapes the Kenyan Cultural moments, you will definitely have to pay attention to Stivo’s music.

Most of his music is a true reflection of the society and the way of live of most Kenyans.

You can stream his music here for free.