South Africa-based up-and-coming Hip Hop artist Swizz tLc drops his new TRAUMATIZED [DELUXE VERSION] EP
Swizz tLc continues his arrival onto the Hip Hop scene with the second half of his debut project ‘Traumatized EP [DELUXE VERSION]‘. This time around, he shifts from his life struggles, ambitions, and lifestyle to take on a more loving and romantic feel. The project features addictive R&B and Trap beats alongside sincere lyricism in ‘Love Talk’ and ‘Ghetto Love’, both utilizing keys and bass drum rolls to spark all the feels. Themes about staying devoted to his loved ones even through the darkest times standout, revealing an authentic, relatable, and raw artist in Swizz tLc, who skilfully flows over the chilled instrumentals in heartfelt tracks like ‘Letter to My Lil Sister’. Part two of Swizz tLc is finally here and it’s a must-listen for Hip Hop fans, you won’t regret discovering this one!
Inspired by New York talent like Stunna Gambino and J.I, Swizz tLc is a fresh-faced artist in the Hip Hop scene. Having started as a singer and now moving to Rap, he’s got an impressive skill set and range of influences to apply to each upcoming release. The ‘Traumatized EP’ marks his beginnings as an artist in the South African space, denoting a rapper with an ear for catchy melodies and hard-hitting lyrics. All set to take on the world with his unique style and vision, Swizz tLc is an exciting new prospect to check out!
Catch him while he’s in his early beginnings and before he garners a lot more recognition in the scene.

Swizz tLc – Traumatized [Deluxe Version] EP via iTunes/Spotify
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