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The Story and Biography of Mbuzi Gang.

Who are The Mbuzi Gang Group Members? Apart from making constant hits that will light up your party, Mbuzi Gang is not your ordinary boy band. You might be thinking that they are the self-proclaimed goats who have barely scratched the surface in the music industry. The name MBUZI simply refers to the acronyms standing […]

What Defines Someone as a Hustler?

10 Principles of a Self-Made Boss. Whether you were born in the heart of the village or in the Problematic Streets and Slums, you can be a self-made boss/hustler. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, the rules of the game are all the same. There is no hack to these […]

Kartelo Biography, Age, Real Name, Girlfriend, Wife, Children, House, Churchill Show, Chipukeezy, Ex-Girlfriend and Net worth.

The multitalented young Kenyan star Kartelo is a comedian, musical artist and a radio presenter. He has made a name for himself in the Kenyan entertainment industry despite the challenges he has faced being born to a single mother and growing up in the slums. Kartelo is definitely an inspiration to many young people living […]