Tanasha Barbier Oketch popularly known as Tanasha Donna was born on 7th July 1995 in England.

Growing up she always had a passion for art and music that he started doing fine arts while still in primary.

Her first move into the mainstream media was in 2018 after joining the Kenyan Youth’s favorite radio station, NRG Radio.

While being a radio presenter, Tanasha was still developing her talent for music and she recorded her first popular song which was a collaboration with Nviiri The Storyteller is exer Naiva.

The second song that broke her into the mainstream East Africa was, Radio, featuring Barak Jaccuzi.

Her relationship with Diamond Platinumz made her extremely popular very fast all over Africa and her music reached massive audience.

The two dropped a collaboration song ‘Gere’ which got over 10 million views on YouTube in a spat of less than two months.

To many people, she seemed to have come out of nowhere and rose to the top, getting attention from one of the Africa’s top superstars.

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Here is a quick Biography of Tanasha Donna from her personal to public life.

Tanasha Donna: 10 Quick Biography Facts.

1.     Tanasha Donna is Biracial.

  • Her mother is a Black African from Homa Bay, South Nyanza Kenya.
  • Her biological father is a white British from North London England.

2.     Tanasha Donna is from the Luo Tribe.

  • Having been born to an African mother from Luo Tribe in Kenya, Tanasha Donna had to learn and adopt the luo culture and ways of life.
  • Though her biological father is white, she had a privilege of growing up with an African step farther.
  • From her early age to adulthood, she listened to luo music including Ohangla and Benga.

3.     Tanasha Donna has a Baby with Diamond Platinumz.

  • After she got married to Diamond Platinumz in 2018, she immediately ditched her Christian religion and joined Islam.
  • Aisha is her official Muslim name.
  • The two had a child, baby boy, named Nasib Abdul Junior, named after his father Nasib Abdul Juma.
  • Though Diamond doesn’t pay child support for the kid, Tanasha is still holding it down raising the kid by herself.

4.     Tanasha Donna’s Real Name is Barbier Oketch.

  • After birth, Tanasha Donna was named after her grandmother Oketch, a Luo name given to children born during Famine and hunger.
  • Barbier is her other name given by her biological father.

5.     Tanasha Donna Lived in three countries before she turned 20.

  • She was born in North London, England and moved to Kenya when she was three years old.
  • Tanasha went to Consolata primary school in Kenya up to the age of 12 before relocating to Belgium.
  • At the age of 20 she moved back to Kenya and worked as a radio presenter at NRG Radio.

6.     Tanasha Donna is fluent in more than three languages.

  • Since she has lived in different countries with different languages, Tanasha Donna had to learn other languages different from English.
  • She speaks English, Swahili, Dutch, Spanish and the Kenyan Local dialect Luo.

7.     She is Diamond Planinumz’s Ex-wife and one of his three Baby Mamas.

  • After breaking up with Kenya’s finest actors Nick Mutuma, in 2017, Tanasha Donna fell in love with the Bongo Flava star Diamond Platinumz.
  • The two dated for a while before they broke up again in late 2019

8.     Tanasha Donna Spends at least Ksh 1 Million on her Music Videos.

  • Since her main focus is producing high quality music in terms of hiring professional audio producers and videographers, Tanasha invests a lot of money into her art.
  • In an interview on TUKO Extra, she revealed that her music videos costs her at least Ksh 1 Million and it can sometimes exceed that.

9.     Tanasha Donna Comes from a very Rich Family.

  • Having been born to a hardworking mother who has managed to push her family’s financial boundaries through entrepreneurship, Tanasha Donna never had to starve or struggle for anything in her life.
  • Her family is ready to give her whatever the financial support she needs to navigate the hardships of making it in the African music industry.
  • Tanasha’s white biological father is also part and parcel of her growth in both personal and public life.

10.  Tanasha Donna has a Net Worth of over 300, 000 Dollars.

  • After blowing up in the whole of the East African music scene as Diamond Platinumz’s girlfriend and now ex-wife, Tanasha’s brand has grown largely to the point of being a huge influencer.
  • Apart from royalties from her music streams and stage performances, she also involved as an influencer for big brand deals that associate with her brand.
  • Tanasha Donna has managed to embrace hard work and professionalism as an artist and executive in the music business.
  • She has managed to create wealth for herself aside from the inheritance from her family.