Prior to tying the knot with her longtime love in 2021, rumors swirled about a possible romance between Rosa Ree and Timmy TDat in 2019 after the two collaborated on a steamy music video that caused quite a stir

In a recent video posted on social media, Tanzanian rapper Rosa Ree could be seen in tears, expressing her emotional turmoil without disclosing the cause.

In a lengthy Instagram post on Saturday, Rosa shared that she is going through a difficult time that feels overwhelming to her.

“I’m not fine! Mara nyingi naulizwa “How are you?” Nasema “I’m fine” kusema tu ila sio kumaanisha. But now I admit I’m not fine!” She wrote.

Rosa Ree

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Although the ‘Sukuma Ndinga,’ hitmaker did not disclose the exact reason behind her distress, she said that the things she is going through are dark to her and that she is not okay.

Despite her struggles, Rosa Ree acknowledged the pressure to maintain a public persona and put on a brave face for her fans.

“Napitia mambo mazito mpaka naona giza tu. Inaumiza kwamba haijalishi ninachopitia lazima niendelee kuonyesha furaha kwenye mitandao kana kwamba niko sawa. Kila siku napaswa niendelee kutimiza jukumu la kuwaburudisha, kupromote album, kutoa ngoma mpya, kurecord, kushoot videos na kuinspire jamii.

“(I go through heavy things until I see only darkness. It hurts that no matter what I’m going through I have to keep showing happiness on the internet as if I’m fine. Every day I have to continue to fulfill the responsibility of entertaining, promoting my album, releasing new songs, recording, shooting videos and inspiring the community),” she wrote.

Rosa Ree

According to Rosa, her problems may seem insignificant to others as long as she continues to release music and entertain her followers.

Rosa Ree also acknowledged that if she were to speak out about her problems, it would likely become fodder for gossip blogs and media outlets looking for a sensational story.

“Nikizungumza ninayoyapitia yatakua tu headlines ya story kwenye page za udaku? Nitapigiwa simu kufanya interviews ili media zipate story? Yani maisha yangu ni sinema tu kwa ajili ya kuwapa watu views? Na hisia zangu je? Na hata nikiwa sipo maisha si yataendelea tu?

“(If I talk about what I’m going through, will it only make the headlines on tabloid pages? I will be called to do interviews so that the media can get a story. So my life is just a movie to give people views? And what about my feelings? And even if I’m not there, won’t life just go on?),” she questioned.

Rosa Ree

She expressed frustration with the fact that her life seems to exist solely for the entertainment of others, with little consideration given to her own feelings.

Rosa Ree’s management has since released a statement indicating that the rapper is currently with her family and has requested privacy during this time.

The announcement also expressed gratitude to Rosa Ree’s fans for their support during her difficult period.