Gengetone Music Going International.

It is certain that you must have heard some not so good opinions being said about Gengetone music and the whole of its culture. I understand that it is a system that promotes vulgar language.

The Gengetone artists have never failed to prove your opinions right. But there is one thing that these artists have failed to prove you right, they are here to stay. So hate it or love it, they are going to make music however they know how to.

Another thing about this so called ‘Vulgar street music’ is that it is now going international. With the help of the international Gengetone stars Matata Group, who started as dancers in Kenya before relocating to Norway.

Matata group is made up of five members who do a good job in crafting lyrics that reflect their life in the neighborhoods of Nairobi City. As much as gengetone is said to have raw lyrics, Matata has done a good job at executing poetic justice in their songs.

To identify the rawness in their lyrics, you will have to take a closer look or consult one of them to get the real clarity.

These boys reflect the cleaner side of Gengetone. All of them are actually learned individuals who hold more than one college degree.

The Making of Matata Group.

Initially, two of the members of Matata Gengetone group, Freddy Milanya and Marcus, were in a dance group called FBI which was one of the illest dance group in Kenya during the era of Sakata. The group had a lot of success as dancers while still studying in Kenya. They later split and everyone went on their ways.

So the other group members, Ken and Festus were dancers too from different other dance groups. The fifth member, Richie Mathu, was also a dancer in another group.

Richie Mathu was the first one to move to Norway in pursuit of further education. Richie being the biggest fan of Freddy and the FBI Crew, he contacted him in Norway and convinced him of the opportunities they can access if they formed a dance group together abroad.

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Coincidentally, the other group members had applied for a dance scholarship in Norway, so the news motivated Freddy to relocate there too.

The group was complete when all of them had settled in Norway. So after going on about their businesses all day, they would come together and craft some dance moves that they later post online for their fans.

After getting a series of copyright strikes from YouTube, the group decided to make their own music that they could dance to. That decision was the best thing they ever did in their entertainment career.

From their experience as international dancers, Matata Group has done a good job in coming up with original dance moves that are choreographically made in detail.

This level of professionalism is what separates them as pure professionals in the entertainment industry.

They look up to the international dancers and singers like Michael Jackson and Usher.

Matata Group Music Career and Rise to Fame.

Growing up in the streets or Nairobi City and making it as the best dancers in Kenya, Matata Group had a feeling that they could still make it as independent musicians.

After going about all of their due diligence, they would come together and do freestyles and experiment on the lyrics that had the potential to work.

Upon the inception of Gengetone into the mainstream media, the Matata Group got some viable confidence boost. Other gengetone Groups like Ethic entertainment and Sailors Gang gave them the full proof that they too, might have a shot of making it in the Kenyan entertainment scene.

Seeing the success of gengetone despite receiving a lot of censorships and criticisms from all angles, the Matata group saw the need to provide the cleaner version of gengetone Music. They went ahead and did exactly that.

After vibing and recording a lot of songs in their home studio, they released their first song titled ‘Denge’, in august 2019, which launched their brand as officially Gengetone artists.

Their second released song ‘maremare’ was a straight up hit that topped the Kenyan mainstream media playlists for the longest time. The lyrics on the song are very clean and still original and relatable to most of their fans from the ghetto.

The video too is phenomenal, with some well-choreographed dance moves that will make you want to replay it as much as you need to.

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Matata group took a bold move and released six quality songs that received extraordinary success. This gives you the full clarity that they are here to make hits and push Gengetone music as far as they can.

Matata Group Members Names.

The Gengetone dance group is proudly made in Kenya and it consist of five group members who are all based in Norway.

The following are their original names.

  • Marcus Ojiambo.
  • Ken Kimathi.
  • Richie Mathu.
  • Freddy Milanya.
  • Festus Mwenda.

Matata Group Members Girlfriends.

Marriage is a good thing that all members of the Matata Group agree to. Even though they are currently the biggest international Gengetone stars, they still make time to create a family of their own.

Freddy Milanya recently got married to his long-time girlfriend whom he met in Norway. The photos of their wedding received a lot of flowers and genuine love from the Kenyan fans.

Their hit song, Ruracio, which basically describes the idea of appreciating the family of the bride and the payment of bride price, had a lot of success in the Kenyan music industry.

Matata Group Songs and Albums.

It remains a fact that the gengetone group ,Matata has proved that they are just here to make straight hits.

All of their songs are bangers. Trust me that none of them will make you not want to get up and dance. Even the dance moves on their videos are entertaining to watch.

Here are some of their songs that am sure will bless your playlist.

Matata singles and EP releases.

  • Unaware.
  • Denge.
  • MareMare.
  • Ruracio.
  • Kata.
  • Mapema.
  • Gengetone love.
  • Achuu.
  • Pombe na Kizungu Mingi ft Nviiri the story teller.
  • Tulia Nikupange ft Nviiri the story teller.
  • Chinichini ft Mejja.
  • Bare Bare (maremare Norwegian remix)