Personal Life of Breeder LW.

Breeder LW was born and raised in Dagoreti Nairobi. The life of the streets was the norm for him.

Learning to cope up with the anxieties that come with the street lifestyles was a daily struggle.

Getting involved in fights and other street ways of life including drug abuse or robbery in stores and supermarkets.

He got arrested at a young age for robbing food stores.

To survive in the streets on a daily basis; you have to have done all of these. Whether you are doing them to gain respect from your peers or you are doing it to put food on the table, it doesn’t really matter, but it the way of life of the streets.

To Breeder LW, music and sports was what kept him distracted from this lifestyle.

Most of his free time was spent writing and freestyling lyrics or in the field playing football.

The daily depressions that come as a result of domestic issues associated with the misunderstandings between his parents weighed too much on him.

It reached a point when he would spend most of his time living with his dad, which basically made him numb emotionally.

His dad being a typical African parent would not give him that chance to open up about his emotional well-being and express how he feels about the separation of the whole family.

The good thing is he had other ways to express what was going inside him, music. It could have gone from bad to a worse-case scenario had it not for his goals and dream to be among the biggest rappers in Kenya.

So hustling through music was what kept him out of trouble from time to time.

He had to build up and establish the balance between being tough and being vulnerable at the same time.

Remember the street life only reward the toughness and not admitting that you can also be vulnerable.

The basic set up of the street life is a ‘win or lose’ game all day.

So being vulnerable or having weak emotional expression is something that you can’t afford to do, all you have to do is swallow your stress and numb the pain inside forever.

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Unlike all other young people in the streets, Breeder LW ventured into music and hustling regular casual jobs that helped to make him learn to be responsible and productive.

He grew up listening to hip hop and Genge music, because he could relate to the content of the music.

Since most hip hop and Genge artists express themselves and what they go through in their lives using rap music, Breeder LW saw an opportunity for him.

On the bright side he saw that there is an opportunity to make a profession out of it and he could eventually get into the entertainment business.

So that is what inspired his interests to start rapping.

His mother has been a big source of inspiration to him. How she wakes up very early in the morning every day for the past over twenty five years to do Omena business in Gikomba market.

Seing his mother be consistent like this for that long period of time is what keeps him awake everyday chasing the bag so that he could retire his mom from the struggles.

His sister too who is a professional basketball player, has struggled to make it to the top of the Kenyan national team has inspired him so much. So Breeder LW had no other choice but be good at what he does too.

In his home, people work hard without having any room for excuses or victim mentality. You just have to wake up and go make sure you get something done.

Breeder LW Journey into Music.

Being an MC and following in the foot steps of his big brother, Kenyan Kreacher, Breeder LW has had his fair share of struggles.

He has been producing music for over six years before he featured in the Khali Cartel 3. He has appeared in rap battles and been a curtain raiser for the big artists in Kenya.

He met with Khaligraph Jones way back in 2014 when he was still and underground MC on the various hip hop shows and he got inspired more to keep up the hustle and perfect his craft.

He has also done open mics on different musical stages in Nairobi. This hustle has not come easy for him as he had to spend his hard earned money from other casual jobs he had to do to get the opportunity to appear on those platforms.

His first major project was the album Nairobi State Of Mind (NSOM) which launched hin into the music industry. His next album, Kabla Kuosa grabbed him most of the hip hop fans and attracted one of the biggest rappers, Kayvo  Kforce, who became interested in working with him.

It took longer for him to make money as a rapper since hip hop serves a very small audience in Kenya.

He had to adjust the way he writes his lyrics from hardcore rap to a language and delivery method that a local Kenyan could understand.

His big break came in 2019 when the wave of Gengetone was at it infant stage.

This was a big opportunity for Breeder LW because at that time he was writing lyrics that were more of the local Kenyan street slang ‘sheng’ which would launch him very well under Gengetone.

The first hit song that introduced him to Gengetone was Chuma ilale Ndani featuring Boondocks Gang. His brand started growing until he caught the attention of Benzema, one of the pioneers of Gengetone under Ochungulo Family.

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He then made a hit that introduced him to the whole Kenyan entertainment scene. The song was called Doremi featuring Benzema.

Breeder LW has been a good at diversifying and he can now do more of Gengetone and Hip hop at the same time.

He has positioned himself as an independent artist and he tries to do it right in this Kenyan entertainment industry.

Breeder LW Songs.

With his focus, consistency and determination to create clean content, Breeder LW has managed to create good music that resonated with a large audience in Kenya.

Here are some of the hits he has made to his brand.


  • Bazenga Mentality, 2021.
  • Kabla Kuosa, 2018
  • Nairobi State of Mind


  • One and Only
  • Bei imepanda ft Ssaru.
  • Boss Ofkos ft Boutross
  • Missed Call
  • Maasai ni Mbaya
  • Mambo Swari
  • Ni Kubaya fr Khaligraph Jones
  • Dawa, by Oxygen ft EXCI Sky
  • Bazenga Dadii
  • Nola Bazenga Inabooh
  • Kitu Non oft Maandy, Boutross, Danzel Kong
  • Genjeness
  • Hakuna Chorus
  • Drop Zone ft Wakadinali.