When you talk about young and influential music stars in Kenya making hit music that has stood the test of time, you must be talking about Fatboy Gwaash.

The Wabebe hitmaker has definitely proven that his lyrics on a killer beat can stay evergreen and remain to bless your playlist for the longest time.

Despite being the guy making street anthems, Fatboy Gwaash is a graduate with a degree in International Relations. So whenever you interact with him, just expect good vibes, intelligence and professionalism, he is not the ordinary guy from the streets like you might think of him.

Fatboy Gwaash doesn’t do music collaboration with an established artist in the industry that much because he believes in growing together with his mbogi.

So with his little fame and influence, he focuses on empowering his circle and making sure that their success trickles down effectively.

He stands on the fact that established artists will not push the song you did with them like the way a hungry upcoming artist will do. An established artist is in a comfort zone at the top and they no longer hit hard on their art.

The Personal Life of Fatboy Gwaash.

Fatboy Gwaash a.k.a Mr. Sponyo, whose real name is Martin Wangura is undoubtedly one of the hitmakers of Gengetone music. He was born in April 1st 1997 in Umoja Nairobi.

He grew up in umoja neighborhoods for the whole of his childhood, attended his kindergarten and primary school education within Umoja estate.

To attain his secondary education, Fatboy Gwaash joined Nyeri High school in Nyeri county.

In 2017, he joined Riara University to study an undergraduate degree in international relations and graduated in 2020.

Fatboy Gwaash’s Journey into Music.

Growing up listening to trap music from the local Kenyan stars and international artists, Fatboy Gwaash started up as a trap artist too.

He did freestyles and rap battles with his friends in the streets and learning how to write bars and develop a unique style and flow. His early stage presence was a hustle because he had to constantly ask the event organizers of any crowd meetings in the streets of Umoja and K-South to let him showcase his talent.

It wasn’t an easy task to get a stage as a trap artist especially when your lyrics are much hardcore like trap music. To Gwaash, he had to do what he had to do to push his music and try to capture a fan base that can relate with his brand.

His first recorded trap song, ‘shoota’ didn’t get that much traction but he never gave up, his dream of being a star was real and detailed in his mind. It was just a matter of time before he blew up in the whole of East African entertainment industry.

Fatboy Gwaash had a strong belief that he will come to be the best entertainer just like his idols or even more. Growing up he was inspired by Khaligraph Jones and Octopizzo because these two stars had a lived a life in the slums just like him.

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Whenever he felt like giving up, he remembered that Khaligraph and octopizzo would not like him quitting, so he kept on hustling anyway.

His first breakthrough came in 2018 when he released his first song ‘Sponyo’ which was purely a Gengetone style. This hit song was what launched Fatboy Gwaash into the entertainment industry in Kenya.

Fat Boy Gwaash Rise to Fame.

Gwaash has gone through a fair share of the struggles that a young upcoming artist go through. He tried all the styles of rap music and tried as much as possible to find his voice in the music industry.

When the wave of gengetone music was still young and hot, he decided to drop the trap style and jump in and contribute to the genre. This decision was the best thing he ever did because it definitely worked since he is an excellent lyricist and he is a ghetto boy.

His first Gengetone hit song Sponyo in 2018 brought a lot of recognition to him as an artist and he decided to go all in and do pure gengetone music.

In 2019, he released another anthem that cemented his style as not only Gengetone music but also a Kenyan street anthem that stood the test of time. The title of the song wabebe has become a catch phrase that people have been using regularly.

Even two years after the release of the song, wabebe is still a hit and it is going to be one among the best Kenyan classsics.

Fatboy Gwaash has also done collaborations with big artists like Frasha and DJ Crème dela Crème and has seen a lot of success as a rapper.

Fatboy Gwaash Songs.

Apart from the street anthems and hits you listen to on the radio, Fatboy Gwaash has produced many other songs, over 25 singles, including the album that you need to add to your playlist.

Here are some of his released songs.


  • Fat Boy. Has Released in 2021


  • Fever ft Triomio
  • Aluta ft Ochungulo Family
  • Wabebe ft Vuva, Brazor
  • Bash ft Kappy
  • Mtaro ft Boondocks Gang
  • Kata tenje remix ft Psycho
  • Wapewe ft Kappy

These are some of the hits that Fatboy Gwaash has made in the last few years since his breakthrough. You can stream his music here