Personal life and the Story of Maandy.

Amanda Wambui a.k.a Kabaya a.k.a Maandy, is a 23 year old rapper, singer, song writer.

She was born and brought up on Dagoreti, Nairobi. This is the neighborhood that has nurtured most of the biggest rappers in Kenya doing hip hop or Gengetone music.

Maandy definitely has a lot of artists to draw inspiration from and follow in their footsteps. Even though she is competing with males in a male dominated industry, she is here to make music as an artist and not a female artist.

Indeed she is the authentic ‘manzi wa Nairobi’ as she proclaims herself to be.

She has branded herself as an undisputed rapper who not only is loaded with rhymes but also had graduated university with a degree.

So the kind of determination and professionalism she has with her is good for survival in the entertainment industry.

Maandy’s Journey into Music.

Maandy is a singer songwriter and a performing artist who is talented and self-driven in this entertainment game.

Like any other underground or a community artist, Maandy has seen the rough and tough roads in the journey of music. After high school, she started off as a DJ before her close friend dared her to do a mic test and freestyle some lyrics.

She draws most of her inspiration from the legendary Kenyan rapper late Esir. Later on the release of her biggest album ‘Kabaya’, she proclaimed herself as the female Esir.

But before fully focusing on writing and recording music, her brand had grown a little bit as DJ Maandy. She actually did Disc Jockey business and stage performance professionally until 2018 when she was finding it hard to balance as a DJ and a performing artist.

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This time is when she started loving the art writing, recording and performing music.

Maandy recorded her first song in November of 2016 under Chuo Records, which gave her just a scratch on the surface of the journey but nothing much was seen on the numbers and recognition.

What made her focus on creating music was her first taste of the entertainment business experience as a DJ, so she already knew that hard work is what makes everything happen.

She also has a good circle of friend who are not afraid to give her some constructive criticism and help point her in the most probable right direction. Her team is intact and loaded with determination just like she is.

Maandy’s Rise to Fame.

Through the #yesbanafreestyle challenge, Maandy expanded her fan base through her nitty gritty rhymes that she performed in the challenge.

She was among the best performers of the challenge, which landed her a collaboration record with Boutross, Dyana Cods, Ex-ray and Breeder LW.

In 2019, she released her album called Kabaya, which was a hit after hit. The name of the album finally stuck with her so now she is popularly known as Maandy Kabaya which is excellent branding too.

Maandy is Strategic with her music and he prefers to plan first, do the necessary research about the market before the drops another album probably in 2021.

She has a strong belief in herself and she does her music for the fans. So there is no amount of toxic masculinity that will manage to bring her down at any point in her career.

Maandy Latest Songs.

Among the hit songs gracing the Kenyan airwaves, Maandy has been a part of the artists making those hits. The remix of the hit song Sirudi Home is a single from the album Kabaya

Here are other songs from Maandy that will bless your playlist.


  • Kabaya.


  • Shash na Lipgloss
  • Female Esir
  • Amini
  • Sirudi home remix ft Breeder LW, Ndovu Kuu
  • Hivi na Hivo
  • Porn it ft Dyana Cods
  • Uko?

You can stream her music and album here.