Personal Life.

Christopher Thande better known as Ndovu Kuu is a music producer and a song writer. He is also a businessman and an aeronautical engineer by profession.

He was born on 6th January 1996 in Kabete. He is the third born in a family of three. He joined First Born Christian Centre for his primary education. This school is where he got introduced to music and music studies.

He later joined Kauo Uhuru Boys for his high school education. This stage of his life is where he learned a lot about himself as a teenager. He practiced all sorts of musical instruments and tried different types of music genres.

Apart from learning music in high school, Ndovu Kuu also doubled down on education; he was always a bright student. He not only wanted to be a musician, but a professional engineer too. With a lot of support from his family and full determination that he had towards his goals, Ndovu Kuu achieved it all still at a young age.

He scored a B+ (plus) in his overall high school performance, which placed him in a better position to pursue engineering.

He joined East African School of Aviation to pursue a degree in aeronautical engineering. He graduated and got a chance to work in Wilson Airport as an intern.

How Ndovu Kuu was Introduced into Music.

Growing up in a household that is a fan of good music where the golden oldies were played regularly, Ndovu Kuu developed a love for music. He listened to a lot of Fathili Williams, Docteur Nico, Franco and many more benga, ohangla and Lingala bands.

His elder sister was a source of inspiration to him since she recorded her music while still young. So Ndovu Kuu used to rap and sing along the lyrics to her songs with his friends. At this point he realized that he also had a talent for music since he would always stand out when he was competing with his friends.

Even though they were doing other artists’ songs, his style and flow was different, which lead him to realize that a musical career could make sense to pursue in the future.

But first he chose to study music as a subject in class which was a safe haven for him because it kept him away from bullies. Since musical studies were regarded as cool, he joined the class during to be among the cool guys in school. So he had to pay close attention to the techniques and styles of playing the musical instruments.

He played the Marimba, which led him to join music festival and be part of the students allowed to use the music room in school. This was a great opportunity for him to learn the most basic and advanced musical instruments which will be vital for his career later in the music industry.

With his other peers who had gained a little fame in school, they started writing their own lyrics and performing in front of other students.

Once he completed high school, he recorded his first song in the studio, Fullhouse Music, in Hullingam. Being a curious kid, he asked the studio producer to teach him how to produce music and the craft of sound engineering.

The Making of Ndovu Ni Kuu.

While working as a producer at Fullhouse, he had to have a ‘producer tag’ that usually comes before the start of a song.

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Him being a fan of elephants, he used the trumpeting sound that resembles the sound made by elephants as his ‘producer tag’. These elephant sounds at the beginning of the song made him unique and he saw the potential to make him stand out in the music industry.

Ndovu Kuu Rise To Fame.

During the pandemic, there was nothing that could possibly be done at his place of work in Wilson Airport and also at the musical events. So Ndovu Kuu and his photographer decided to roll out music projects since that was all they could do.

These projects were one minute long, purposefully for Instagram and they had to have a musical touch. So when they were at the second project rollout, Ndovu Kuu just posted it on his whatsapp status and the next morning, things were out of here.

This got him off guard; his video was trending on tiktok. Every dancer was dancing to his one minute song.

This time being a low moment for him due to the effects of the pandemic where he was selling face masks just to survive, the viral moment was a relief for him.

His lyrical creativity and the beats was what made him stand out. The lyrics of the song were somehow controversial as he was dissing the students who attend Kenyatta University. This sparked a lot of debates online and in the mainstream media.

The lyrics of the song were basically bashing his ex-girlfriend (Pamela) who played him badly, by using him for his money while he she got pregnant with someone else. This story resonated with a lot of his male fans because it was becoming a trend with the ladies using men for their money while they had other love commitments.

Above all it launched him into the music industry and the good thing is that he was prepared and loaded with other recorded songs that captured a fan base for him.

Ndovu Kuu Working with Boutross and Khaligraph Jones.

After the viral moment of his one minute video clip, Ndovu Kuu decided to record the song and make it a full track. He saw to it that the song will sound good if he could feature some artists in it

Boutross came in with his line and the song was ready for a video shoot and the release.

Some of the big artists in the industry were reaching out to him for collaboration on the track but he they didn’t seem to fit much to his vibe.

One of Ndovu Kuu’s fans on Instagram is Khaligraph’s stylists, so he asked him if he could feature the OG on the track since he found him vibing on it at the studio.

Even though he was hesitating to do it, Ndovu Kuu decided to link with Khaligraph and eventually it was successful.

The three artists made the biggest hit song together and now Ndovu Kuu is among the respected rappers in the Kenyan entertainment industry and has featured in a lot of hit songs receiving a lot of airplay at the moment.

Ndovu Kuu Songs

Here are some of the hitsongs that has received a tremendous success in the recent times;

  • Ndovu ni Kuu ft Boutross and Khaligraph Jones.
  • Bado mi nakudai.
  • Maggie wa nyumbani.
  • Kenyan golden times medley.
  • Sirudi home ft maandy, Breeder lw