Life is good or you can say its balanced; or whatever you want to call it. But what am referring to is that life is all about divine misdirection. Things can happen that seem to lead you nowhere and you might get totally confused but these thing shape you on the way to your better uncertain destination.

The only difference comes in if you are willing to learn from those things and adapt to uncertainty and misdirection.

When you talk about uncertainties of life, no one else knows it better like the family of the Kenya’s young superstar Trio Mio.

From the struggles of his mom when she was pregnant of him to the daily hustles and troubles she went through to raise him to become one of the genius rappers in Kenya at a younger age.

He has managed to hit the top charts and playlists in Kenya and the whole of East Africa.

Now lets get to know his story.

The Personal Life and Age of Trio Mio.

Trio Mio whose real name is TJ Mario Kasela was born on 17th march 2005. He is the last born son in a family of four, two sisters and one brother. he grew up in Umoja One Neighborhood in Eastlands of Nairobi city.

Trio Mio owes much of his accomplishments to his mother, Irma Sakwa, who is also his personal brand manager. Despite being a single mother, she has played a big role in creating a conducive space for her sons to manifest their dreams and be what they want to be in life.

Unlike most African mothers, she is more open to listen and understand the value of talent in her kids who clearly are super creative as young as they are.

Trio Mio grew up in a family of music fans, his big brother Bigting AP is also a rapper who mostly does trap music.

Being a teenager and a super star at the same time, Trio Mio has gone through hell and high water to survive in the ghetto with his other siblings. His parents separated when he was still young, so he practically grew up knowing that his dad lives far away from home.

His mother had to play the role of being a dad who provides and a mom who nurtures and consoles them whenever they miss their father.

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Despite the fact that he is still in high school, Trio Mio has managed to balance between crafting lyrics that makes a hit and paying attention to his teachers in class. He uses his free time like the P.E lesson to freestyle with his friends and weekends he does the studio recording.

It’s a tough balance but he made a promise to take care of his mother and siblings financially whenever he can and now is his chance to prove that.

Trio Mio’s Source of Inspiration.

Growing up in the ghetto with a single mother, things can get pretty much harder than you can ever imagine. The only thing you can afford is a dream and the hope that it will come true one day.

These are all that Trio Mio could ask for, the rest were to come through tough hustles that he was ready to do. His mother has done pretty well in raising him under the Christian religious values that has had a lot of impact on his personality and survival in the streets.

These values have always kept him out of drugs and the company of bad people in the name of good friends.

What has inspired Trio Mio is the idea that he can change the life of his mother and all his other siblings. His family, being his emotional support system, inspires him to make sure that he grows to be the best version of himself and bring his dreams to a reality.

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Even if the harsh realities of the entertainment industry try to cripple him, he would always try to grow over them and keep it moving.

Khaligraph Jones also inspired him and he always wanted to entertain his fans like the way he does.

Trio Mio’s Journey into Music.

Growing up in a family of musical fans, Trio Mio was definitely going to jump in and ride the wagon too. His mother was in a choir and his dad too was a band member, so he had some clues to how this music thing can be done.

He has been looking up to big rappers  like Khaligraph Jones, who inspire his confidence and how to present himself as a young rapper whenever people try to underrate him.

Growing up in the streets and listening to Kenyan and International rappers, Trio Mio developed interest in in rap music at the age of 10.

So he started singing along and lip sinking on Kenyan rap music from his favorite artists with his friends and his big brother.

 Learning from Khaligraph Jones’ lyrics and bars, he started writing his own, developing his own flow and perform in front of his first audience, his family members. This is how he built his confidence and energy to stand in front of other people and be creative.

Trio Mio’s Rise to Fame.

In 2019, after he released his first single cheza kama wewe, Trio Mio quickly rose to fame. This hit song caught the attention of the masses through the lyrical flow accompanied by a young voice and everybody was eager to know who the kid was.

The pandemic lockdown really worked in favor of Trio Mio. Since there was no more going to school, he decided to record some of his songs and cheza kama wewe  did a tremendous job in putting him on the map.

The song was straight banger which played on every public address system in not only mainstream media but also the streets. Mejja was eager to do a remix to the song and the impact became even massive throughout the whole of East Africa.

The remix featured Exray, Mejja and Nelly the Goon.

Trio Mio Songs.

Apart from the hits playing on your favorite media station, Trio Mio has releases some other good music that will bless your playlist.

  • Serereka ft Shari Afrika
  • Cheza kama wewe remix ft Mejja, Exray, Nellythegoon
  • N’mekapitia ft Tunu
  • No stress ft Masauti
  • Ule msee freestyle.

Above are some of the music from Trio Mio. You can stream his music online for free.