Personal Life.

Celebrity lifestyle is one of the things that everyone has been dreaming about for the longest time in history of humanity. What people fail to factor in the search for fame and being recognized by everyone is the negative side and the baggage that comes with being a celebrity.

Most of the celebrities we see on the screens or online are actually introvert. Some are loners who enjoy their own company alone or with the very small circle of friends.

VDJ Jones too is an introvert and he likes spending time alone or with very few friends. This gives him time and space to focus on creativity and crafting quality original music and mixtapes.

On top of being a creative, he is an entrepreneur, which makes him more of a loner because entrepreneurship is a lonely business.

How VDJ Jones Fell in Love with Music.

His love for music and entertainment came around when he was in high school. During the entertainment sessions, different entertainers came to their school and the whole school would feel the music played by the DJs. That is when he developed interest in becoming an entertainer at some point in his life.

He felt this urge to turn up the energy of the crowd and the masses through music that lights up their faces and make sure they have a good time. This urge is definitely coming from the fact that he is an introvert and the only way he could express himself in public is through music. He probably made a good choice.

For VDJ Jones it has not been easy. He tried distributing his DJ Mixtapes in matatus for free but nobody, even the matatu driver took it. He got employed as a resident DJ in a club but wasn’t getting paid at the end of the month despite the fact that he has to pay bills. People never took him and his talent seriously either at home or in the streets.

It was just the love of music and the dopamine that comes with entertaining the audience and seeing how they react in real time. Even though there were ups and downs, the dream was real in his head.

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What was making him get up and go to work was the fact that he wanted to match the picture of his dreams with the reality he was living in at the time. But in the end, everything played out well.

VDJ Jones Rise to Fame.

Every legendary artist with an extraordinary performance either on stage or in the studio booth has had a substantial amount of struggle. These struggles as an underground artist are what shape their place in the industry at large.

VDJ Jones has had his own fair share of hardships and struggles of dealing with the side effects of the entertainment business.

He always had a good place for music in his heart ever since he was a little kid. This love for music came to the manifestation when he was in the university pursuing a communications degree at Multimedia University.

His journey to manifesting a solid career as a DJ wasn’t easy as he had to deal with the push back from his parents.

Being the first born and only boy child in the family of three kids, he had to set a good example to his siblings by focusing on education first before anything else.

His dad always saw the potential in him and the determination he had on becoming a DJ so he challenged him to get good grades in high school and he will buy him a DJ set as a present. This is how VDJ Jones got his first DJ set of headphones and a hard disc drive.

After completing his high school education, he tried to join the entertainment industry as a DJ but his dad wasn’t buying into the idea before going university and getting a degree.

So he took his dad on that offer and joined university while still horning his craft as a DJ at his own free time. Upon finishing his degree studies in 2014 he started getting busy chasing his dream. He even forgot to go back for the certificate at Multimedia University, so the document is just sitting in there somewhere.

At this point now, VDJ Jones is a graduate who is supposed to stand on his own and start crafting his path of life. His dad was now open and welcoming to his whole idea of being a DJ, so he was set free to do it but now he has to walk and chatter the entertainment territories on his own.

He started doing professional DJ services in 2015. Even though he was earning Ksh 150, he always felt nice doing so because he felt that he was in the right career path.

After his first breakthrough in 2016, when his mixtape went viral in streets, matatus and online, he got an internship at Border TV where he was a DJ for three months.

After finishing the internship, he went back to creating massive mixtapes while relying on gigs to pay his rent and bills.

In 2017 he met with Jegede, one of the best producers in the Kenyan music industry. They both made three big hits that received a good airplay and launched Jones’ career as a musician.

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But when he met with Boondocks Gang to do a remix of their song Peleka na Rieng is where VDJ Jones set his foot fully into the industry and has never looked back since then.

He always did a good job up until the talent paid off in good money which he was able to sustain himself and double as a musician.

To VDJ Jones, the entertainment industry has everything an upcoming entertainer wants and fantasizes a lot about; whether it is money, fame or a lot of sex. All of these fantasies with definitely be manifested. If that is your driver to success, then well and good, you will get them but it doesn’t guarantee how long you will stay there.

Hard work, determination and consistency are what took VDJ Jones to the top and is what will keep him there for as long as he can.

VDJ Jones and The Boondocks Gang.

Being one among the most respected pioneer music producers of Gengetone, VDJ Jones was also among the founding fathers of the musical group, Boondocks Gang.

He feels proud of himself when the young artists come up and make their name in the industry. He is regularly on the look for new talented artist who has the potential and the discipline of becoming professional entertainers in the industry.

He feels like he owes his success to the people who held his hand in this industry, so he has to extend the love to other newbies in the industry too.

This is how he feels like he is giving back to the society, nurturing and supporting new talent.

Apart from the Boondocks Gang, VDJ Jones has worked and invested in a lot of talents in Gengetone and Gospel music industry. He does this with passion and respect without expecting anything in return.

VDJ Jones Songs.

Before inheriting the crown of the street king from DJ Demakufu, VDJ Jones was is a clear definition of preparation meeting opportunity. When his mixtape were circulating in the streets and the matatus, Gengetone tune came into play. Him being a fun of good music, he was the first DJ to create a Gengetone songs mixtape that contributed a lot to the growth of the music genre.

The first song that launched his name in Gengetone was the peleka na rieng remix featuring The Boondocks Gang which was a straight street anthem. This song also cemented the formation of the group Boondocks Gang who were straight out of Githurai 45 slums of Nairobi.

VDJ Jones has produced a lot of songs which have gone ahead to be hits and street anthems. Among them are the following;

  • Parepare ft Jegede and Rankadah
  • My lover ft Jegede.
  • Bujubuju ft Jegede
  • Peleka na Rieng remix ft Boondocks Gang, Jegede, Kristoff and Rankadah
  • Wale mang’aa ft Odi Wa Muranga, Jua Kali, Mavo on the Beat and Swat.
  • Inachuna ft Jua Kali, Seska,Citi Boy and Dula.

The making of all these hits led to his first record deal with Black Market Records as an artist and a DJ. He went ahead and produced many more hits that made him one of the godfathers of gengetone.