Personal Life and Education.

Zzero Sufuri, Jeremiah Chege, was born and raised in Kabiri, Dagoreti in Nairobi to a family of three. He is the first born son of a preacher father who brought him up under Christian values and way of life.

So by performing songs every Sunday in church he discovered that he could actually sing and entertain the congregation on a weekly basis. His love for music started here before getting on the nationwide stage later in life.

He went to Ruta Satellite for his primary education and later joined several high schools but he finally completed his secondary education in the eighth school. After all these shifting from one high school to another, he managed to score a grade of D, which for most people, its a sign of failure in life.

These poor grades never discouraged him even a bit because he was sure that there could be many other things he can do to survive in the slums.

To him, School education is just a basic stage of life that everybody should go through but the harsh life of the slums will teach you the most crucial values that matters in life.

So he was definitely not discouraged by the results but he chose to embrace life as it is and chose to follow music as he thought he could make it as a rapper.

All you have to do is keep your head up, embrace hard work and consistency in whatever you are doing and one day the results will show.

After high school, Zzero Sufuri joined Kambi Fulani, where he studied arts and music.

Zzero Sufuri Rise to Fame.

His rise to fame occurred in 2019 when his video went viral on the internet. In the video, he was doing a freestyle of what he call a ‘stoner anthem’ which basically talks about how high he is at the moment and how the weed is supposed to be enjoyed as it goes around.

The freestyle was recorded at a cypher session organized by the Jamdown Shaflers show in2016 which gave the street underground rappers a platform to express themselves lyrically. The lyrics appealed much to the reggae and Genge music fans.

Three years later, during the onset of the Gengetone music, the fans demanded that Zzero Sufuri should release the full version of the song as recorded in the studio. So this confirms that the artistic nature of Zzero Sufuri is highly welcomed and appreciated by the fans, and they are always ready to consume his music.

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In mid 2019, Zzero Sufuri released the full version titled ‘Zimenishika’ and it got a nationwide reception that launched him directly into the Kenyan Entertainment industry.

The follow up of the song that accompanied his first hit was ‘Matisha’, which was also received well by the fans.

Zzero Sufuri had his fair share of struggles before his first break. He had written lyrics for over two hundred songs that were yet to be recorded in the studio. These struggles taught him the art of believing in himself as he was going through the creative journey and serving his fans quality music that they can relate to.

On his first few months as an up and coming artist in the industry, he had booked several international shows in Qatar and Bahrain.

These confirmed how much his fans love his art and how he glorifies the consumption of Marijuana. To his fans, the two hit songs were an ‘aha’ moment that finally gave them a Gengetone song which will definitely be their anthem during meditation time.

The massive success he has seen recently has made him respect the business of music. Even his dad who is a pastor respects how he does the business while still maintaining the quality of music he puts out.

What inspires him the love for music and he wants everybody to feel the love too through his music. He tried to his audience to be immersed in the vibe like he is when he is creating the song.

He admits that the creative process involves hitting hard at your brain till it comes up with something unique and entertaining. So his entertaining rhymes doesn’t come up that easy, he has to sweat a lot when writing and recording them.

Zzero Sufuri believes that hard work pays, that is why he wakes up every day at 4;20 a.m because his big dreams don’t let him have that much sleep.

His mission is to inspire a lot of the youth to dare dream and chase their dreams because life can be hard regardless. So he supports any artist doing what they love whether it’s a painting, weaving beads, recording music, playing musical instruments or anything artistic, he will provide his support however he can.

Zzero Sufuri’s New Projects.

Right now, Zzero Sufuri is working on an album called Full Circle, which was a project he has worked on during the pandemic and he is about to bless his fans more and more.

He is all about inspiration, hustling and having a good time all the time. He lives by one mantra that keeps him going every day ‘a verse a day, keeps an artist alive’.

Zzero Sufuri Songs.

From 2019, most of the hits being played in the mainstream media include two or three of Zzero Sufuri’s mega hits. Here are the songs that made into the playlists in kenya;

  • Zimenishiks
  • Matisha
  • Matiati
  • Magode choke
  • Dondosa
  • Kuzikanato ft mbogi Genje
  • Vuva
  • Chuki na doo
  • Rada safi
  • Wasee wasee
  • Its ok
  • Tam Tam
  • Side ile
  • Eyes don’t speak 2021
  • Pandisa ft Nuclear
  • Survey (thankful medley)
  • Hey hey ft mojo
  • Closer ft Afrique
  • Nyongi ft Wakuu.