The Biography and Philanthropic acts of Peter Miracle Baby.

You might not be familiar with Gengetone but I am sure you have heard about the multitalented Miracle Baby, who is the lead singer of the musical group Sailors Gang. He stands out of the rest of his group with his highly energetic voice that he brings into his music.

He brings out his best in performing the hooks to the song and you can definitely rise up to the level of energy he rides on.

Whether he is hosting a show or performing on stage, his hype can clearly be seen transforming the crowd in real time. Peter Miracle Baby is one of the undisputed artists of gengetone and the whole Kenyan entertainment industry. If you don’t like Gengetone, I am sure you will like his personality and character.

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His humanitarian and philanthropic acts are what always win the hearts of many despite disagreeing with his music. So you might hate or love him but to the people of the streets and slums, he is their Miracle Baby that God gave them.

Now so you understand me better, let’s try to get to know his story and what made him the legendary self-made progress.

Peter Miracle Baby Background, Age, Real Name.

Every rising star has a story to tell and for Miracle Baby, he hasn’t seen it easy, therefore, lets get to know him.

When you talk about starvation, homelessness or any other kind of struggle, Miracle Baby has seen and lived it all.

Peter Njuguna Mwangi a.k.a Miracle baby was born and raised in the informal settlement slums of Denderu in Eastlands of Nairobi.

At a tender age, he no longer had a place to call home as he became a street boy moving from one street to another day in day out.

In his early 20s he was able to secure menial jobs here and there just to survive and try to make it out of the streets. He has done all the worst and terrific jobs you can imagine just to feed his family.

Before joining music, Miracle Baby was a street boy before securing a job as a morgue attendant.

They young star shared on social media about his harsh life in the past including what he had to do to put food on the table. From the picture he shared, all these were self-explanatory from the tattered clothes he used to wear as a street boy.

He engaged in the business of selling boulders and performing kikuyu stand-up comedy before he got his breakthrough in music through the newly found Kenyan music genre Gengetone.

Miracle Baby has managed to rise to the top upon his breakthrough mainly through hard work and resilience.

Surviving in the streets of Nairobi without any form of connection or direction needs a lot of dedication, tenacity and the ability to focus on the work at hand.

You must have some kind of work ethic because the menial jobs in the street pay less than pennies which cannot afford you to pay rent for the cheapest house in the slums.

To Miracle Baby, these jobs inspired him to do his best and deliver the best he can even if the pay is close to nothing.

The poverty around him made his eyes and ears open to any opportunity and when Gengetone came around, he was well prepared to ride the wave as much as he can. And he did exactly that.

He is probably one among the many celebrities who has had unique jobs before they got a taste of celebrity money.

Miracle Baby’s Music Career and Sailors Gang.

Miracle Baby whose real name is Peter Mwangi is from a boy band popularly known as Sailors Gang with other four members; Masilver, Lexy Young, Quoqos Juma and Shalkido.

Being new kids on the block, the Sailors Gang took over the Kenyan Entertainment scene by storm. Their big break happened in April of 2019 when they released their song ‘wamlambez’

The song became an extraordinary hit since Kenyans had never seen such a local simple song gain so much traction. The catchphrases like wamlambez, wamnyonyez went viral internationally and this brought so much attention to their music.

The Sailors Gang has made quite a number of hits like Pekejeng, Nyandus, Queen B, Wainame and Jesu ni Mwadhani.

Miracle Baby has been the one responsible for setting up the fans to a gengetone mood through his energetic voice which makes the whole group the best Gengetone entertainers.

His energetic performances both in music records and on stage has impressed many. This has led him to an array of opportunities outside music industry.

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Apart from being a musician, Peter Miracle Baby is a TV host, professional MC, model and a content creator. He hosts a reggae show at Inooro TV that airs every Saturday from 10pm to midnight alongside Wambui wa Ngaruiya and Dj Quiver.

Miracle Baby’s Net Worth and Philantropic Acts.

Miracle Baby is also involved in other tasks outside entertainment industry.

The musician is also philanthropic and has been contributing to charity projects that are geared towards bettering the life of the people living in the slums. Since he has seen all the worst that can happen to a young ghetto youth, he wishes he could make a little difference with the little he has.

He is in the forefront advocating for youth centered programs that help fight drugs and substance abuse. Being a Miracle Baby to the streets, he has matters of the streets at his heart and he is trying to change it one by one to the best he can.

He has created a safe space for the peer educators and the youth to meet and have a conversation about the challenges of growing up in the slums. All this stems out of Miracle Baby’s life in the past which pushes him to give back to the society.

Several high profile personalities have jumped in to support this agenda and contribute to the transformation of the slums. His mission and vision for the slums is authentic and most people want to be a part of it.

Miracle Baby works in an array of events both formal and informal. He brings his enthusiasm and energy to the audience in every event making him the best sought after MC.

He has also been in the Kenyan theatre stages doing theatrical performances including musicals and plays. He also created youth centered content on YouTube.

At this point I am comfortable enough to say that Miracle Baby has contributed to the establishment of the Kenyan original music sound through Gengetone.

The Sailors Gang has done a good job in coming up with catchy phrases in their songs that most Kenyan youth can relate to.