Hassle refers to an angry disturbance.

Hustle refers to a swindle in which a person is persuaded to buy worthless property.

In the ngori streets, that is mostly made up of dirty, dangerous and poor streets and slums, the most prominent and rampant disease is corruption.

The mother of this act is what these streets call hassle/hustle.

The fact that everybody wakes up in the morning and engineer a pursuit that will be a form of a selfish act that will not benefit the other party is dangerous yet it is being embraced into the way of life I the society.

This has turned the society into a corrupt establishment. At times, it is often referred to as a man-eat-man society.

Often times the black societies talk about corruption affecting them in the grass roots but the hypocrisy is clear when it entertains the daily selfish acts of the so called hustlers who benefit by preying on other people.

The streets glorify these acts and reward the people behind it with fortune and respect. This is a psychological thing that comes from the emotional place of oppression.

These acts are ingrained in the black people community all over the world or any other community that was subjected to any form of oppression.

It’s a way of expressing what someone feels inside.

Whenever a system looks down on its people, that energy is constantly distributed to other people within that ecosystem through other forms that reflects to that are reflects oppression.

The only reason why the streets and slums will never change is the fact that the larger system is still exerting that energy in some other forms of marginalization that are oppressive yet accepted.

The disadvantage is that, there is nothing that a normal person in the streets can do against it. As the saying goes, any fight against a system of government or a state is a fight to lose.

It has never been won. You just have to accept its rules and ways of operation and find a way to survive and thrive in it.

Still the society doesn’t accept it because it is always going through some constant economic castration. The only people who make it in these kind of systems are the ones who are willing to play the game.

To do like the way the game master does, to take advantage of other people. To promise something that you won’t deliver. To gain benefits without giving out that much value, to stay true to the game. That is why conmen, scammers, hasslers and hustlers were invented in the streets.

It is a reflection of what happens in the larger system of government. The only way the streets and slums are going to save themselves is by intentionally suppressing the acts of glorifying the people who participate in what the larger establishment does unto them.

To glorify the people who set up businesses that are meant to give value to the final consumer.

To get rid of selfishness that is rampant in the society.

To fight corruption from the grass roots.

To change the way they respond to the oppression of the larger establishment. That is the only way they are going to win the game together.

To fight the thought of every man for himself and change its way of thinking in its whole totality.