When it comes to love, relationship or dating for that matter, there is no doubt that physical attractiveness matters.

We, being human beings, usually infer from how someone looks and its difficult to avoid it.

There are some other attractive traits such as compassion, gentleness, earning potential, emotional control and many more.

All those are seemingly important traits but yet being humans, we still don’t see them as much of importance as physical appearance or attractiveness.

This article is not about what you should find attractive but what you often find out to be attractive. So I am not trying to tell you this or that is attractive but what has been seen to be physically attractive over time.

What Do We Mean by Sexiness?

Putting too much focus on our physical appearance can lead us down the rabbit hole of insecurity.

This can often make you lose confidence in yourself and leave you being critical of yourself. Guys don’t always look at women critically; they just love how women look in general.

You might see a woman who can be described as having a perfect shape and attracts a lot of men’s eye but she might be crying herself to sleep every day because she is so critical of her own physical appearance so much.

That is not the goal of this article, it would be the best thing when you go to bed and wake up in the morning everyday with confidence in yourself and your physical appearance. The type of sexiness we are talking about here is coming from the other side of things, from inside out. We try to create hotness from its roots.

Sexiness is the health displayed in a way that is impossible to fake and yet looks obvious.

The major reason why people value physical attractiveness is because its an easy health indicator.

Living a healthy lifestyle through exercise and nutrition does not only leave us looking great but also contributed to our longevity, will power, mood, boost overall body organ energy levels.

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This is the main reason why people see the physical appearance as it gives us the clues that as much as you are attractive from the outside, you are healthy from the inside too.

The cover usually gives us the clues of what is going in inside the pages.


For example, intake of vitamins and minerals, good exercise habits and a healthy amount of melanin will definitely give you a healthier glowing skin.

This will definitely do away with acne and thus improving your skin complexion too because even a slightly different skin coloring can definitely make you look more attractive to others.

So what will separate you from the rest of the herd and make you sexier than others is by getting interested in becoming healthier, stronger, smarter and becoming the best version of yourself from the inside.

I didn’t say that will be that simple.

If you put too much focus on the main stream media, you will often be frustrated because the media is not marketing female bodies to men, they are marketing it to women.

This can lead to women competing to have the different physical trait that don’t necessarily mean that they are physically attractive.

The Most Attractive Female Physique.

Before we go ahead let me just set the point straight, there is no such a thing as the most attractive body type.

Men like all types of body shapes (beauty in the eyes of the beholder). What is going to display you as attractive over others is not your body shape but it is whether you are in good shape or not.

Most men prefer women who are fit, stronger and healthy.

This has little to nothing to do with your bone structure or how curvy or thin shaped your body is. What could be considered sexy or attractive has nothing to do with your natural body type.

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Now building a sexier body type might involve gaining some weight if you are a naturally thin woman or losing some weight if you are naturally overweight woman.

Both are equally difficult and the path to building a sexier physique varies with your body type.

Therefore, all female body shapes are equally attractive to men but keep in mind that getting into shape can be difficult varying from one woman to another.

What Links Fitness to Attractiveness?

Your body type (slim & fit, strong & toned, strong & curvy) doesn’t really have that much effect on your attractiveness.

Every body type can eventually attain the best shape for their unique natural structure. It can either be lean enough, strong enough or healthy enough and it is going to look totally different on every woman.

But the good thing is that everyone can get there.

What men see in a woman in great shape, regardless of their body type, is a physically strong woman who can make their friends jealous and maybe pass some good traits to generation down the line.

For women, their perception of an ideal type of female body is quite thin. This is usually reinforced by the media and the fashion industry.

For men, the ideal type of female body isn’t specific. Men often like physically strong women as it indicates the likelihood of being healthy and having more capability.

They don’t focus on the extra fat so long as it lies within the healthy range.

Men are not focused on things like being toned, slim and lean in shape like the way women are overly focused on it.

Women don’t have to be thinner to look attractive because thin body shape doesn’t appear strong.

The optimally attractive body shape is the one with the average healthy weight.

So if you already have an average or below body weight, you don’t have to get smaller to be attractive because it can still make you less attractive.

Butt (Booty) Size and Attractiveness.

You hip size is going to increase as you get stronger in the gym. This will make your figure look like that on an hourglass.

Booty muscles are the ones with potential for growth keeping in mind that your squad muscles can also add up to increase your hip measurement.

So it is important to work on your glutes (butt muscles) and squads to get a wider hips and a round booty.

Butt muscles are the most attractive muscles in a woman’s body. Most men are attracted to a woman’s butt than to their breasts.