The Open Biography of Gotta City.

The concept of ‘fake it till you make it’ is quite sexy when it is said or written down on a paper. The real hustle is in the execution or working the idea of ‘faking it’ as much as you can, till you feel like you are making it.

There exist a group of hustlers and reformed youth in Gotta City that have built a hype which you can easily buy into. They have different mantras like ‘ngumi mbwegze’ or ‘ngumi ni jamo’ and all stuff like that.

Now all these mantras mean a lot to them and most of the time, it describes how they move, their philosophy and the way they do their business.

Now from the outside, you might think that all the artists under the said Gotta City management group are really out here killing it.

Even from the video clips you see online of the recognized artists from the group, you can see that they are extremely naturally talented but they are still stuck in their own ways.

Don’t get me wrong here, I appreciate the fact that they have reformed themselves from the dark life of crime and drugs, I give them the biggest salute for that bold move.

Now when it comes to their music, they seem to still stagnate in this rabbit hole called Gotta City which seems to not give them what they need to get out and fly into the music industry like they should. They are stuck in the shadows of the street boy band Mbogi Genje.

I don’t know if they signed contracts with a word of mouth or with their loyalty to the ghetto or maybe their belief in ‘ngumi jamo’ is what makes them be loyal to what is not working (Gotta City).

These young artists are really stuck at the ‘faking’ phase, their ghetto mindset is still prevailing at large. Every artist in there is just seeking an angel to appear out of nowhere and come and break them out.

Well that might never happen because mental mastery is a duty of every individual. You don’t need anyone to come and get your mind out of the ghetto; you just have to do that by yourself.

Artists from the ghetto are quick to take tremendous risks on some other crazy ghetto stuff but are afraid to risk being successful in their music careers.

They don’t believe that they themselves can walk through the unchartered territories of getting out of the ghetto. If they don’t let go of their past life, it will always delay their success every single time they try to break out.

I understand that you should always know who you are and where you come from, don’t get it twisted.

Most ghetto artists understand that concept very well but cant seem to match up the risks sacrifices and actions that will bring them the success they fantasize about every day in the ghetto.

Sometimes your loyalty to the ghetto will just attract a lot of predators to you who are just looking to take advantage of your loyalty.

Being blinded by the love from the streets can create some extraordinary blind spots that will cause you a lot of trouble in the long run.

Gotta City Beef.

The thing about ghetto life is that, once something seems to be working for you, even if it causes harm to other people, you run with it. There is this philosophy that says, ‘if it works, keep up that same energy’.

The most profitable commodity that you can sell at a high price is beef and sex. So most artists create lyrics that provoke beef or hate while still praising all sorts of sexual behaviors and fantasies.

The thing about this kind of lifestyle and branding is that it blocks you away from getting that big bag from the corporate world. The only money coming to you is from the stage performances that you do and maybe the little from the streams.

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These sources of income are much limited and dependent on you getting up and working your music. You cant diversify your income that easily, like making money from the influence you have built.

Your fan base will only serve you when they buy a ticket to your show or click on your music.

This makes you be a slave to a management system that will exploit you to the fullest and you cant say anything about it.

Here are the artists that make up the Gotta City Music group.

Artist Signed Under Gotta City Management.

Madocho Wa Kanaoro.

Being a smart, creative and witty wordsmith, Madocho Wa Kanairo is the one who came up with the name Gotta City.

Gotta City is a neighborhood that is located in Embakasi East Constituency of Nairobi City. It sits in the middle of Tassia estate and Donholm.

Madocho Wa Kanairo has one hell of a story to tell. Check out his story here.

Stoopid Boy.

Being a victim of creativity theft or you might call it ‘intelectual property theft’, Stoopid Boy is a lyrical machine gun. He is full of rhyming words, flow and style, no wonder the Mbogi Genje crew had to steal all of his work.

Basically The Mbogi Genje crew stepped on him so hard and flew all the way up to the top. If you have ever been betrayed by a close friend that you trust with all your intalectual property because you share the same background of poverty, you are still better that Stoopid Boy.

There is nothing else that hurts more than being stuck in ghetto poverty while your stolen property is making millions for your trusted friend. That is basically hoe Stoopid boy feels right now.

The good thing is that he can still come up with other fire lyrics that will take him over the top of the charts.


Rising from the freestyle alongside Stoopid Boy in one of the video clips from the interview with Mungai Eve, Liyetin is undoubtedly cool and smart rapper who has a bright future.

I hope he will find a good place in Gotta City because he is not the type of guy who like chasing beefs like the way other artists do.


Being one of the members of the musical group, Gotta City, Pingo is loaded with rhymes and lyrics that will definitely bless your playlist.

He has no beef with nobody but he advices every youth who came from the ghetto to uplift others instead of walking all over them.

Gotta City Songs.

Under the management and funding of Gotta City, the four artists, Madocho Wa Kanairo, Stoopid Boy, Liyetin and Pingo have released various hit songs which have striked conversations in the past.

Their fans often accused them of producing lyrics that often intend to diss their counterpart musical group, Mbogi genje.

Its no doubt that the songs are straight up hits even if they strike beefs and provoke violence or hate. The best thing you can do is to listen, sing along and add them in your playlist because these songs can really boost your confidence in real time.

Here are the latest songs from the Gotta City Music crew.

  • Kushompa.
  • Digi.
  • Ngumi ni Jamo
  • Hello.
  • Saka Madooh.
  • Magwiji.
  • Hatupangwingwi

Since you have fallen in love with the music from Gotta City crew, you can go ahead and stream them online.