The Journey and Success Story of Mbogi Genje.

Apart from them getting into the music scene as the unique band/gang writing hardcore street Genge lyrics, Mbogi Genje group has a lot of influence as Gengetone artists.

At their first step into music, they had already attracted endorsements from the corporates. Most people argue that their lyrics are mostly geared towards inciting violence but on the bright side, they are just trying to enhance their confidence.

If there is one thing you cant afford to lose in this ego driven entertainment industry is confidence.

Artists who get scared whenever they attract beef or get bullied online will practically have a shorter life span as entertainers. In the creative industry, things are meant to go wrong as much as they go right.

Its only the confident ones that are going to keep on creating even if things go wrong; confidence in your craft is all it takes.

Mbogi Genje came in with a lot of confidence both in their personality and their lyrical delivery. The group has greatly revolutionalised the Kenyan street slang.

Mbogi Genje has been influential enough to sign an endorsement deal that made the ambassadors of RFH Healthcare facility.

The health facility is mainly focused in drug rehabilitation that aims at combating drug abuse among the youth in Kenya.

With a multitude of fans singing along to their hit song ‘wamocho’ even if they don’t understand most of the lyrics of the song, Mbogi Genje is here to make hits and fly the flag of Gengetone.

Mbogi Genje Group Members, Real Names, Age and Education Background.

The street boy band is made up of three members who grew together in the neighborhoods of Donholm in the Eastlands of Nairobi City.

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The trio shares a lot of history together and they all probably have grown up in the same environmental setting and have all faced the struggles of the streets and slums together.

The following are the stage names of the Mbogi Genje group.

Smardy Tings

His real name is Anthony Odhiambo. Smardy Tings was born in 1997 and is an active member of the Mbogi Genje group.

He grew up in Umoja, Eastlands of Nairobi City.

Smardy Tings attended St Lucia and Ofafa Jericho for his primary and secondary education respectively.

Guzman Teddy

His real name is Teddy Ochieng. Guzman is the youngest of the group members as he was born in the year 2000 in Umoja Eastlands of Nairobi City.

Guzman attended Tumaini ansd Uhuru Schools for his primary and secondary school education.

Militan Govana

His real name is Dave Malaak. He is the same age as Smardy Tings; he was born in 1997.

Militan Govana attended Embakasi primary school and later joined Matuu Schools for his secondary education.

He joined United States International University for his university degree. He studied computer science but later dropped out due to financial constraints but he is set to go back and complete it.

Mbogi Genje in Politics.

The group has recently been seen hanging around politicians with big names in the Kenyan political scene. This was expected to happen because the group rose to fame during the era of politican transistion to a new government.

Mbogi Genje being the fast rising influential entertainers, politicians like Mike Sonko and James Orengo had to call them for a meeting. Both of them actually pledged to support their musical journey and extend a helping hand to other youth in the slums.

The good thing is that, the group is getting rewarded for their talents and they need to squeeze as much money as they can from their talent.

Former Nairobi governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko gifted them a $2000 Macbook Pro laptop as a token of support and appreciation of their music quest.

Even though the Kenyan politicians often perceive the youth as people who can be swayed to propagate whatever the propaganda they have, the youth are much aware of the fact that they too have been placed in a tight situation.

So the mission is to get that money but not incite violence because politics of incitement to violence of youth against youth will never save a youth living in the African soil.

The good thing is that the good politicians like James Orengo took to his social media and acknowledged the talent that the Mbogi Genje group has.

It is such a rare move by a renowned politician with massive influence to recognize an up and coming talent in the entertainment scene.

Little by little, the conversation will hit the national assembly and it might reinforce the fact that the government should be involved in developing talent since the talented artists also contribute to the Kenyan economy like any other business.

Mbogi Genje Beef With Gotta City.

Coming from close neighborhood with the Gotta City music group, Mbogi Genje has done their fair share of catching and creating beefs with other artists from their neighborhoods.

Their rise to fame is allegedly a result of them stepping on other underground ghetto artists. The Group is alleged to have stolen the lyrics and the flow of some songs they made with Stoopid Boy, who is one of the members of Gotta City, without his permission.

The Gotta City lead group member Madocho Wa Kanairo confronted them in a viral video that led to the brush and beef with Mboigi Genje.

To this day the beef is yet to be squashed and hopefully the two groups are going to work together in future.

Mbogi Genje Mansion and Net Worth.

Having amassed a lot of influence and diverse audience, Mbogi Genje continues to see a lot of success in the music scene. They a have received a lot of recognition and awards from platforms such as Kisima Awards.

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The group has worked with big names in the music scene like Bahati and Khaligraph Jones.

The Mbogi Genje Group net worth is estimated as worth over $100,000. Their financial worth is set to increase as the group members are hardworking and they continue to release good music that receives enough airplay.

The group took to social media and released a video of their newly acquired mansion which is a move that depicts how well their music pays.

Much success both financially and musically is on the way for Mbogi Genje; only the sky is the limit.

Mbogi Genje Rise to Fame.

The trio rose to the limelight of the Kenyan entertainment scene in September of 2019 after releasing consecutive hit songs, Ngumi Mbwegze and Kidungi which featured hardcore sheng lyrics.

The ‘Ngumu Mbwegze’ video was the one that introduced them to the mainstream media at large since it was unique and quite creative lyrically.

The Mbogi Genje came to the limelight through a totally different angle which did not depict the usual gengetone style of praising sex and ‘serial drinking’.

Their lyrical style and content depicted the acts of crime and how much they can do as much as the extents of criminal acts are concerned.

They are perceived as praising criminal acts but I hope its just entertainment and not reflecting the things they did.

Most of the time, they just be writing lyrics that reflect the real life in the streets and slums of the disenfranchised ghettos of the Kenyan Cities.

The group recognize themselves as versatile Gengetone artists. Most of their hit songs have a Genge, Hip hop and Dancehall vibe that appeals to most of the Kenyans and the whole of East Africa.

The Group has definitely curved a niche for themselves that had never been discovered. Right now their only competition is the Gotta City crew.

Mbogi Genje Radio Deal.

Having amassed a lot of following from the Kenyan audience through their mastery of the street slang, sheng, Mbogi Genjelanded a radio deal with Icon Radio KE.

The radio station is an online audio-visual broadcasting media. The group is hosting an interesting hardcore sheng show called ‘Run it Up’ where they discuss a wide range of topics including music, street lifestyle and entertainment.

The content of the show’s music playlist is mainly the hits from the local scene as well as the Kenya’s favorite flavors; the Caribbean music. The show runs once a week on every Friday from 2:00 to 4:00 pm.

Most of their fans are curious to understand the meanings behind their hardcore lyrics and the best way to talk and learn about sheng is through a lengthy conversation like a radio show.

Mbogi Genje Latest Songs and Albums.

Apart from the hit songs that you have probably heard on radio or watched on TV, Mbogi Genje has a number of songs that will definitely bless your playlist.

  • Kidungi
  • Ngumu Mbwegze
  • Warena
  • Ting Ting
  • Giz Giz
  • Mtu Bad
  • Kamkoba ft VDJ Jones
  • Ikijipa ft Rix and Dede Tarshian
  • Bloody war ft Seska, Dulla
  • Kuja Mbaya fr Exray
  • Wamocho fr Richy Hanniel, Mejja
  • A Weh di gyal ft Seska
  • Full degree

You can stream more of the songs and playlist from Mbogi Genje here.