Who are The Mbuzi Gang Group Members?

Apart from making constant hits that will light up your party, Mbuzi Gang is not your ordinary boy band. You might be thinking that they are the self-proclaimed goats who have barely scratched the surface in the music industry.

The name MBUZI simply refers to the acronyms standing for Money Bitches Under Zero Influence. You might not be wrong too, the name Mbuzi literally refers to a Goat.

Yeah, they are a group of young rappers trying to make a name for themselves in Kenya and East Africa in general. To most of their fans, they are the goats of gengetone music.

The group is made up of three members, Joface, Father Moh and IPhoolish, who are basically the stars behind the popular hit song ‘Shamra shamra’.

The trio begun doing music at a tender age, probably still in primary school up until 2019 when the wave of Gengetone was at its peak.

Even though the group tries to not identify their sound as Gengetone, their fans still recognize them as so because they came up during the peak of the genre.

Even how they carry themselves as a group and writing Sheng lyrics, they clearly are just in denial of being Gengetone artists. In simple analysis, Mbuzi Gang is the cleanest version of Gengetone music.

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Their first three hit songs, ‘Sherehe sheria’, ‘Shamra shamra’ and ‘Wagithomo’ launched them as hit makers in the Kenyan music industry. These two songs appeal much to the Kenyan crowd as it depicts the lifestyle of a regular Kenyan, young or older, who likes to party and have a good time.

Mbuzi gang as a group do music because they feel like its their duty and obligation to entertain their fans. So they cant really predict what song is going to hot or not but they believe in the process of making and performing music.

The Making of Mbuzi Gang.

Like any other street or village boy band, Mbuzi Gang had to go through the normal stages of development before the group was good to go shine.

The Mbuzi Gang group started doing music as just high school buddies with two members, Joeface and Iphoolish.

The two were not only close friends from childhood, but also high school classmates who are the proud alumni of Cardinal Otunga High School.

The two discovered their love for music in high school as they performed during the music festivals and were often in the forefront representing their school.

Father Moh joined the group later when trying to secure a music record collaboration with the group lead act, Joeface.  

An opportunity opened up later when the group needed a talented artist who will sing the chorus, since the original two members were rappers who major in writing bars only.

Through the audition and interview process, Father Moh had to prove that he was fit to join Mbuzi Gang as a hook master. Being a naturally born talent with complete dedication to make good music, he was selected among the many contestants.

In 2019 is when the group was complete. This time is when Father Moh completed his high school education from Onjiko High School in Kisumu.

That is how the Mbuzi Gang came to be as a Trio boy band who are good at making hits.

Mbuzi Gang Educational Background.

The three members of the group are well educated, not to that extreme but they acquired the basic education that a normal well-functioning Kenyan has to have.

Jeoface and Iphoolish attended Cardinal Otunga High School where they graduated with good grades that led them to pursue higher education.

The two joined Pwani University but they later dropped out. Their main reason for ditching college education is their need to focus in what they feel like it their calling, music.

Father Moh completed his high school education at Onjiko High School in Kisumu at did well in his graduation.

He is now still a student in one of these best universities in Kenya Pursuing an accounting course.

Mbuzi Gang and Black Market Records.

Black market Records Africa is one of the biggest record labels the focuses on identifying and promoting talent.

During the inception of gengetone into the Kenyan music industry, the record label has been in the forefront in nurturing these young talents that are trying to make it in the industry.

While still in college, the C.E.O of the Black Market Records, Cedric Singleton approached Joeface, the Mbuzi Gang group leader and proposed to sign him as one of their artists.

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At that time, Joeface was doing a solo artist writing and recording his rap freestyles on his own.

Immediately after realizing what an opportunity the signing could open for them, he proposed that he be signed to the label with his friend Iphoolish since he is also a talented rapper.

The deal went through and the group was now officially a two member boy band Mbuzi Gang at the time.

Father Moh joined the group much later but they bare all signed under the Black Market Records.

Mbuzi Gang as a group has seen a lot of success both in the mainstream media and online plus even on stage performances. They are entertaining their fans allover east Africa and they keep growing and creating new music.

The group has some extraordinary work ethic. Even if most of their songs are direct hits topping the charts and radio playlists, they still take time in the studio and not getting sucked in by fame and unlimited attention from the girls.

Mbuzi Gang’s Rise to Fame.

The group rose to fame in 2019 with their first hit song ‘shamra shamra’ that received massive airplay and garnered them a loyal fan base in Kenya and the whole of East Africa.

Before that they made a record ‘wagothomo’ that did well and paved the way for them in the industry. This track showed them what it possible and how much hard work they need to put in to make more things to happen.

The record was produced by the Black market Signed producer Kash Keed who is one among the most talented hit makers in East Africa.

As a group, they have been rising to fame while still believing in their philosophy of the group, ‘get it done’. That is why they have been consistent in creating the kind of music they do.

Mbuzi Gang Latest Songs.

Apart from the hit songs that you listen to them every day, Mbuzi Gang has released a lot of hit records and several features that will definitely bless your playlist.

Here are some of the hits that you can listen to or stream online.

  • Shamra Shamra.
  • Taki Taki.
  • Bambi.
  • Sherehe Sheria.
  • Abdala.
  • Wagithomo.
  • Kwata.
  • Alaa.
  • Shikwekwe.

The above are the few singles that the Mbuzi Gang crew has released in the recent past. You can stream more of their hits online here.