Sylvia Ssaru; The Pioneer Queen of Gengetone.

The Kenyan female rapper Sylvia Saru has been humble enough to be named the queen of Gengetone.

She has defied all odds aligned against her in this Kenyan egotistic male dominated entertainment industry and climb up the ranks in a short period of time.

One may come to a conclusion that for her, it was a case of an overnight success, others might say that it the first move advantage she took to be the pioneer female artist in Gengetone while some other freaks might say that she attained quick success because of the fact that Kenyan entertainment scene is not yet invaded by the so called gate-keepers and the cartels.

Again some other optimists might say that she is actually a good rapper who positioned herself well to attract success and opportunities as they come.

Later in this article am sure you are going to prove your point right or wrong.

Now lets get to the bottom of this “Pioneer Queen of Gengetone” phrase which Sylvia Saru has been branded lately.

I hope we also get to know where her headquarters are so we try to ‘Chezaa kama sisi’, because this lady is well paid.

Ssaru Education Background, Real Name, Age.

Sylvia Saru aka Ssaru wa Manyaru aka Ssaru was born in Mbololo, Taita Taveta, the coastal part of Kenya but was raised in Kayole, eastlands of Nairobi.

She was born on 19 May 2002.

She completed her high school education in Bura High school in voi, Taita Taveta County which is among the best schools in the region.

In high school is where she discovered her love for music so after completing studies in 2018 her journey to joining the entertainment industry began.

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Ssaru made a conscious decision to complete schooling at high school level as she opted to ditch joining college and instead get into music professionally.

Since completing high school in 2018, the fruits of her decision have shown that she can really do this music thing for a living.

The Musical Journey Of Sylvia Saru.

Ssaru begun her musical journey in the spotlight in 2019 as a teenager. she was barely 19 years old. At this tender age she was well versed with free style raps which reflects her culture, up-bringing and street way of life.

What introduced her to the overall Kenyan musical scene was a rap freestyle that went viral on the internet.

Ssaru proved to Kenyans the fact that she has a distinct flow with epic rhymes; clearly she is not here to play games with nobody.

Within a short time she released another freestyle rap with E.que which paved way for the release of her first gengetone song titled ‘weka’.

Ssaru later released mre hits after hits, which is a typical move by most gengetone artists, they release a lot of hits in a short period of time.

At barely six months in the music industry, she had built a loyal fan base that was ready to consume her music whenever she had it ready.

This is all thanks to her professionalism and dedication to her craft. Whenever you an artist produce authentic content and stays true to their core, they will always see positive returns in the long run.

For Ssaru, she now has a loyal fan base that identifies with her music and all she has to do is cater to them and they will take her to the next level.

Due to her loyal fan base, Ssaru was labelled “the undisputed Queen of Gengetone” while others labelled her “the Pioneer Queen of Gengetone”. All these labels which were are not self-proclaimed makes her the true queen indeed.

She is in charge of her own lane, undisputedly.

To be honest, I am her biggest fan simply because I admire not only her fashion style but also her disruptive personality.

To prove the fact that she was well loaded with lyrics and rap content, she released her first music video for the song ‘Nyama’.

This opened doors for her as ther likes of Benzema of the Ochungulo Family worked with her. This collaboration helped steer her brand and enhance her recognition as a Gengetone artist and not just a female gengetone artist.

By the way, just to remind you that we live in an egotistic male dominated society especially here in Africa and it has yet to be disrupted until its down on its knees.

Now why would a male artist often be referred to as an artist without the mention of the gender but for the female artist, we are always reminded that she is a female.

I don’t know why this one feels like some groups of people are still being disrespected in this time and age.

Anyway back to the story of the best artist out now, Sylvia Saru, a Kenyan-born rapper and singer-song writer. She had already recorded some dancehall tunes which were up for the release but she opted to join the then popular wave of Gengetone.

This quick shift didn’t affect that much of her creative style since she is a versatile artist plus Gengetone music style is basically made up of like 40% dancehall.

Upon pioneering Gengetone, she has been breaking barriers and owning her voice in this male dominated music sub-genre and has gained a massive international appeal.

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Ssaru’s Spotify Deal.

Her aggressive moves which are propelled by her great talent has attracted the attention of big music distributors like Spotify.

Ssaru has featured on the Spotify’s flagship playlist, Gengetone Fire that basically highlights the hottest music coming out of Kenya.

At the age 19, she joined the Spotify’s EQUAL program, which is an initiative that intends to cultivate gender equality in music by supporting female artists and podcasters locally and internationally.

This platform for Ssaru is an opportunity for her to project her music the best way she can. Bearing in mind that she has the right qualities which most artist, especially those attracting much public attention, don’t have like she is talented, humble, self-driven and hard worker. From here, sky is only the limit for Ssaru.