The best Kenyan Gengetone Music Producers.

Gengetone music took over the Kenyan entertainment scene by storm. I mean it didn’t give anyone a notice of its arrival. Lots and lots or artists were not hesitating to jump in and ride the wave as much as they could. The good thing is that, the idea of Gengetone culture is strictly and proudly made in Kenya.

As much as there were many artists rising with the culture, there were many producers too. They helped shape the culture and created some remarkable beats that that topped the playlists all over East Africa.

Different established producers including Motif Di Don and many more, were also eager to experiment and contribute their skill to the culture. Guys like VDJ Jones had to double as DJs and music producers just to be a part of the culture and establish themselves as much as they can.

The few producers who were not hesitant to jump in the wave of Gengetone and rise with it are the ones being referred as the top rated A-list producers in the game. Here are the few creative and professional artists that have done a good job ensuring the growth of Gengetone.

VDJ Jones.

Apart from making his name as a street DJ, VDJ Jones is also a talented and successful music Producer and promoter.

He has contributed a lot to the Gengetone community by creating awesome beats and facilitating collaborations between artists who have created quality music in the industry.

He is the man behind the popularity of the boy band Boondocks Gang, which came up to the limelight in 2019 through their hit song ‘Peleka na Rieng’.

He personally facilitated the creation of the Peleka na Rieng remix which cemented the Boondocks Gang as a musical group.

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His popularity as a mainstream media DJ and a Music producer came about as a coincidence when his Gengetone mixtape gained a lot of attention in the streets.

Without losing his connection with the Gengetone fans, he had to learn about music production and promotion. Even though he was still a night club DJ, VDJ Jones had to all of his jobs and did what he had to do to learn about creation of music.

He has worked with other Gengetone artists and the legendary Genge pioneer Jua Kali.

After their hit song with the Boondocks Gang, he has gone to fund, produce and promote many of the Gengetone music.

He is a philanthropist and an entrepreneur who recently unveiled his record label, Superstar Entertainment, which has signed some of the best upcoming talents in the Kenyan entertainment scene.

VDJ Jones believes in the spirit of collaboration and working together creatively to make good music. He himself has worked with other music producers like Mavo on the Beat and Jegede, which has gannered him a lot of success as an entertainer.

VDJ Jones Latest Songs.

VDJ Jones has produced a lot of songs which have gone ahead to be hits and street anthems. Among them are the following;

  • Parepare ft Jegede and Rankadah
  • My lover ft Jegede.
  • Bujubuju ft Jegede
  • Peleka na Rieng remix ft Boondocks Gang, Jegede, Kristoff and Rankadah
  • Wale mang’aa ft Odi Wa Muranga, Jua Kali, Mavo on the Beat and Swat.
  • Inachuna ft Jua Kali, Seska,Citi Boy and Dula.

Stream some all of his new music here.

Kash Keed.

He is a very talented record producer and sound engineer who made the “shamra Shamra’ hit that launched the Mbuzi Gang boy band in the East African entertainment industry.

He also produced the hit song ‘Sherehe sheria’, which is a straight up banger that the Kenyan streets and mainstream media cant get enough of.

Kash Keed has personally produced several other hit songs for most Kenyan artists under Black Market. The uniqueness in his style is what separates him from the many Gengetone producers who only focus on the club beats that often lasts for a short time.

Kash Keed makes music that attracts audience from all works of life from young to the older generations. His creativity and versatility is what makes everything sound awesome and leaves you paying attention to what he makes next on his records.

The good thing about him is that he understands the scarcity of human attention lifespan, so he takes hits time to make beats that will hit for a short time in the clubs and the ones that will stay a little longer in the charts.

Kash Keed Latest Songs.

Apart from being an artist with great hands that created beats and records, Kash Keed also has great ears that will probably differentiate between good and best music.

He has worked with different artists and established himself as a professional music producer in the industry.

Here are the songs that Kash Keed has worked on in the recent times;

  • Nimelewa, dub and acapella

Stream his music on boomplay.

Mavo on the Beat.

Being originally from Nakuru, Mavo On The Beat has made a name for himself in the Kenyan music industry as a successful record producer. He has been in the forefront of the creation of the Gengetone music and culture. He is definitely one among the pioneer forefathers of Gengetone culture.

Mavo on the Beat has worked with a number of Gengetone artists and producers, not to mention the Genge legends like Jua Kali, the icon living.

Before relocating to Naorobi, he had worked with other Kenyan artists including Hope Kid, Alemba, Vivian and many more who do other music genres in Kenya.

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Mavo on the Beat has seen the hardships of the industry just like any other underground artist trying to make it. He worked as an intern at Grandpa Records back in the day where he learned some things about professional music production.

He has had to deal with the gatekeepers of the industry who dictate what it getting airplays and what is not. But his talent has helped him to push those boundaries and established him as a professional artist in the game.

Mavo on the Beat Latest Songs.

Here are some of the hit songs that passed through the gifted hands of Mavo on the Beat.

  • Magwiji ft VDJ Jones, Mbuzi Gang
  • Si Huchanga ft Rekless, Trio Mio, Willy Tuva
  • Kona Kona

Check out and stream his music here.

Magix Enga.

He is the most versatile music producer who has contributed to the creation of various stars in the Kenyan entertainment scene.

Magix Enga has also done a good job to the gengetone community. He has worked with artists in thing young genre to create hits that topped the charts and playlists all over East Africa.

Mambichwa, Banana and Ziumelipuka are some of the Gengetone hits he has worked on.

Magix Enga Latest Songs

Here are some of the hit songs that Magix Enga has produced.

  • Mambichwa
  • Gengetone
  • Ngwati
  • Zimelipuka

Check out his other top list songs that Magix has done here.