What too much open Niceness and softness gets you.

Have you ever met one of these nice guys who are always ready to help? These guys are always interested in anything you tell them.

They are very optimistic about anything. Most of the time, they cant stand to say no to whatever they don’t like since they are afraid of offending other people.

There are two types of nice guys; the ones who gets into the friend zone and the ones who gets into a committed relationship. You see, you have to choose how nice you intend to be.

Again before you also get me wrong, don’t fall for the women who are attracted to ass holes/ toxic men, such that they feel more attracted to you when you are angry or offended.

These women will always find a way to offend you then your temper goes through the roof, so they feel like they are in a relationship.

They have low self-esteem and are attracted to toxic and abusive people; don’t let them into your life.

To be honest, I better be in a friend zone than be in a relationship with these type of women.

Okay back to what we are talking about.

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When it comes to trying to get laid or get into a relationship, nice guys always go directly to the friend zone.

They are often needed to when some chores need to be done or to carry stuff around for the lady they be crushing on.

If you think you are supposed to be there for the lady you are trying to get up to the point you are there to help her on petty things that she can handle, with the intent of ‘trying to get her’, then you’ve got it backwards. You are heading to a dangerous zone which is ever hard to crawl out of, the friend zone.

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Don’t be the nice guy who always gives a woman 100% of what she wants to hear or have. This portrays you as desperate to get her or fishing for compliments in order to get her.

There is no harm in being brutally honest (I mean polite honesty not the one that intends to intimidate). If you don’t like what she does or wears, just be honest.

Don’t be kissing her ass all day every day.

Don’t get me wrong here; I am not advocating for people to go ahead and be ass holes to ladies, no, none of that.

What I am referring to here is you be a nice guy who later end up a relationship type and not a friend zone type. You get what I am saying?

Now how do we go about approaching a lady with the intent of getting into a relationship with her as soon as possible?

Here are the things you can do whenever you spot a beautiful girl who has potential to be your girl. These principles will make you a nice guy who becomes a relationship type and not a friend zone type of guy.

Say what you want.

If you want to take her out for dinner or a picnic, be clear from the beginning. You don’t need to be explaining your intentions later. Let her know what you want, stake a claim and let your presence be known.

You also have to be careful not to be too needy but being clear with your intentions from the beginning is important.

Have goals and put yourself first.

Get comfortable with saying no than saying yes to everybody. Don’t be a people pleaser. If you don’t like something that she is suggesting you do, just say no.

people pleaser mentality has its tremendous effects. Saying yes to whatever she suggests you do is direct flight to a friend zone because it shows that you are too available. Don’t drop whatever you do for her, she might lose respect for you.

Don’t seek approval from her.

I know you get that good feeling at the back of your testicles when you get validation and compliments from a woman who likes you. This makes you feel scared and hold back your opinion as you feel she might get offended and stop liking you. No woman wants to be around a man that is that much insecure all day.

Face your fears and change your mindset.

Facing your fears makes you comfortable during adventures that are scary. Get out and do things that are scary, like public speaking, a sport or anything that helps you learn to be comfortable in the face of fear.

Women likes when she knows she can depend on you to inspire courage in her. Don’t be an all day shy guy who spends most of his time in the receiving end of life. Get out there and do something that instills courage in you. This will also build your confidence.

Slow down during conversation.

Stop trying to overly compensate and try to give her too much love in the beginning. Instead, be a good listener and pay attention to her. Don’t be nervous or have self-limiting beliefs like she might not like you.

Leave some mystery around you for her to find out. Women like men who pay attention and care about what they have to say. So don’t be too insecure but focus on what you are bringing to the table.

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