Who is Thee Pluto? A Story of Young Rich Businessman.

Growing up as just a normal village boy from Naivasha, Thee Pluto has defied the odds and became one of the richest young men in Kenya.

He was predominantly raised by his grandmother and his older brother.

As a young kid, Thee Pluto had the wildest dreams of becoming a successful gospel musician to which he started making music at a young age.

After moving to Nairobi in 2016 for his university education, he involved himself in different money making activities within the campus and outside.

Thee Pluto is a successful content creator on YouTube doubling as an entrepreneur doing real estate and crypto currency.

He owns a fleet of cars, a mansion in thika, real estate property in Juja and an apartment building in Kilimani.

Here is the biography and the journey of Thee Pluto as a young successful businessman.

Thee Pluto Background, Age, Real Name and Education.

Robert Ndegwa Kamau popularly known as Thee Pluto was born on 27th August 1999 in Naivasha.

He is the third born of a family of seven. Most of his early life and experiences were in the villages of Naivasha.

He attended Maiela Township and Luci Amen Junior Academy for his primary education and later joined Githiga Boys high school in Mai Mahiu, Kiambu County.

Following his brilliant performance in the KCSE education, he joined Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) to study Actuarial Science before switching to Economics.

Thee Pluto’s Hustling Journey.

At a young age Thee Pluto started out as a vernacular gospel artist touring all around the upcountry spreading the word of God.

After the death of his grandmother his foundation in Christianity was shaken and he later converted his faith to Islam.

His first hustle was in 2017 where he was employed as a mathematics teacher at Bishop Oishere Secondary school in Mai Mahiu.

He was undoubtedly one of the brightest students in high school scoring top notch grades.

After joining JKUAT as an Actuarial Science student, the spirit of trying to do business was still alive in him.

The actualization of his ideas came when his then girlfriend got pregnant while he was not yet financially capable to even take care of himself.

After ruminating on the many other ideas of making money while in college, he decided to drop out of college for a while to look for a job to cater for his needs and the baby.

So he started out doing brand activations with as little salary as Ksh 5000, saving it up as little as it was.

With his good portfolio as a brand ambassador, he was promoted to work in the office with a salary increment of Ksh 15000.

Thee Pluto saved up his salary and opened a shop in Kahawa Wendani, which was his first business establishment that launched his as an entrepreneur.

While at JKUAT as an economics student he doubled as a hustler on the side, trading bitcoins, selling real estate and organizing events from regular parties to big political events.

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His first car, Nissan Juke, was bought with the profits he made from selling bitcoin.

Thee Pluto’ Baby Mama.

Going through the life as a campus student comes with a lot of peaks and valleys especially when it comes to having protected sex.

Most students in campus are very much sexually active and engage in regular sex which often lead to pregnancy or STDs for the most part.

For Thee Pluto, he didn’t catch an STD but he got his then girlfriend pregnant while in the second year of studies.

During this time, he was still a normal broke campus student who doesn’t know how the baby will get fed.

Since he is a natural born hustler, Thee Pluto had to accept the situation and start being a responsible young man.

Thee Pluto had his first kid at the age of 20 making him one of the youngest responsible dads out here.

Thee Pluto Girlfriend

Starting out as just two YouTubers who happen to be in love with each other doing Couple Goals, Felicity Shiru and Thee Pluto were the new hottest couple in town.

The two met in campus during the Subaru Boys event in Naivasha, dated for two months before breaking up for the first time later in 2021.

Within those two months, the couple had amassed a massive following on the internet with their popular episode being the 25 types of kisses.

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They actually kissed twenty five times on camera showing their audience how all these kisses are done.

Couple goals show was basically some timely episodes showing what couples do in a relationship from morning routines, turning each other on and being consistently romantic to their partner.

According to Thee Pluto, the breakup came about as a result of too much pressure and the rush he had in the relationship.

They didn’t quite know each other that well and the two were really struggling to connect with each other outside the internet.

A few months later at around early 2022, Thee Pluto and Felicity Shiru made amends and got back together once again after realizing they were really good together as a couple and business partners.

Thee Pluto Sanitize Show.

When they broke up, the show also came to an end leaving Thee Pluto looking for other ideas for the next show.

The show basically involves the test of loyalty between two random couples by checking their text messages and assessing if they had potentially cheated on each other.

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The loyalty test show is called ‘The Sanitize Show’, meaning clearing the bugs growing in a relationship between couples.

His mission for this show was to clean up the ‘dating streets’ because he wasn’t happy the only single guy out here.

Getting the job done as a ‘Chief Sanitizer’ can be challenging because the process can lead to serious violence when one of the couple realizes that he/she has been cheated on for a long time.

This has led him to hire a couple of bouncers to accompany him to help calm down the anger whenever it erupts.

The show goes live on instagram as it is recorded to be posted later on YouTube.

The age limit for the couple to qualify for the sanitization process is 18 and over plus the couple has to all be in agreement to undergo the process and sign a release form.

Its really tough even to cool down the couples after realizing they have been cheated on so Thee Pluto and his team goes to an extra mile of giving some counseling to the couple.

Some end up forgiving each other and reconcile while others end up in a bad breakup.

Thee Pluto Show YouTube Salary.

At first Thee Pluto started his YouTube Channel as a hobby to just see what he can do and probably be famous at it.

A few months into it, with his level of consistency in content creation, he received a six figure check from YouTube, then he became serious with it.

Thee Pluto is definitely making real money as a YouTuber which happens to be his hobby and a side hassle.

The channel clocks an average of 300,000 views per day with over 10 million views every month.

These views add up to make him close to a seven figure monthly salary just from YouTube ads alone without the sponsorships.

As a young man, Thee Pluto is already financially rich cashing in between Ksh 900,000 to Ksh 1.2 Million on a good month from YouTube alone.

These money helps him maintain his lavish lifestyle and throwing expensive parties all around Nairobi and in his private mansion in Thika.

Thee Pluto and Felicity Shiru Bodyguard.

If you thought you can easily get access to the couple at random outside the social media, you need to think that twice.

The two love birds have one of the young professional bodyguards who is there to always make sure the couple move around smoothly.

Mr Cornelius, as a trained professional personal bodyguard, is the one who makes sure Thee Pluto and Felicity Shiru don’t get attacked physically in anyway.

The bodyguard revealed that he is being paid well and he is no longer jobless. He is committed to do his job well to make sure the client is satisfied.

Thee Pluto Net Worth and Source of Wealth.

It no doubt that Thee Pluto is in the same tax bracket as the rich people occupying the rich suburbs of Nairobi city.

With his successful YouTube channel and the endorsement deals from the corporates and the politicians associating with his brand, Thee Pluto definitely has a huge monthly salary.

He has a huge mansion in thika which is one of his residence plus other real estate properties in Juja.

When it comes to daily expenditures, Thee Pluto spends at least Ksh 7000 every day. He revealed that most of that money is spent on fueling his cars and moving around.

To save on fuel used every day, he rented a Ksh 100,000 apartment in Kilimani for easy acces of the CBD since most of his businesses is done in the city centre.

Thee Pluto is a young ambitious business man who is always self-driven and passionate when it comes to making money.

His main sources of wealth are the crypto currency business, real estate, YouTube and corporate deals.

These does not include other investments that he decided to keep them out of the public knowledge.

He is always out here chasing the bag as he inspires the young generation to use their talents and everything at their disposal to eradicate poverty from their families.

Thee Pluto has an estimated net worth of over 600,000 dollars which keeps on growing every day since the guy is always out here still chasing the paper.