Robert Ndegwa Kamau popularly known as Thee Pluto is a content creator born and raised in Naivash Kenya.

He is one of the rich young Africans who managed to clock in their first millions in early 20s.

His daily expenditure is a minimum of Ksh 7000 which is mostly spent on fuel and eating out.

Pluto’s main source of wealth is crypto currency business, real estate, YouTube, influencer deals among others behind the scenes.

His fast rise to wealth has recently raised controvercies as social media critics accused him of being a digital curency scammer.

The YouTuber started out as amodel before venturing into retail where he set his first foot in the entrepreneurship industry.

Thee Pluto dropped out of Jommo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in his third year of a degree in Economics after switching from Acturial Science.

He later went back and finished his degree and graduated in november 2022.

Together with his beautiful girlfriend they started a cosmetic line in December 2022.

Thee Pluto being a young rich guy never hesitates to share his lifestyle on social media and his YouTube channel with his long term girlfriend Felicity Shiru.

Thee Pluto Luxury Cars.

He owns more than three luxury cars, a mansion in thika, realestate appartments in juja and Airbnbs in Kilimani.

From the amount of wealth he has aquired, he is definitely a smart young business man who prides himself in not only spending his money but also multiplyinng it and investing in different ventures.

Thee Pluto aquired his first car Nissan Juke in 2020. The car retails at an approxmate price of Ksh.1.8 Million.

He has also managed to grow his bank account to the point he aquired his second car within a short period of time.

Thee Pluto Toyota Prado Tx

His second luxury car is Toyota Prado TX which retails at an approxmate price of Ksh 8.3 Million.

He aquired this car in early 2022.

His recent luxury car is Mazda CX5 which is worth a price range of Ksh 5.1 – 5.4 Million.

On an interview he revealed that he has more than three cars in his private parking lot.

On top of that he runs a car hire business which is his latest business venture in Nairobi metropolitan area.

Thee Pluto is definitely a smart business man doubling as one of the hilarious entertainers on YouTube.

His YouTube show, Sanitize Show, is always topping the charts of the most watched content in Kenya.

He is here to stay on the limelight, make as much money as he can and spend it on his luxurious lifestyle.

His net worth is estimated to be over 600,000 Dollars.