I sometimes sit down somewhere and ask myself some questions out of the blue, like “what makes a human live that long while going through that much shit?”.

I know you are guessing what kind of occupation I do all day but please stick with me, it can only get better from here.

I used to work at a laundry shop in Gitothua, a little Ghetto near Ruiru prisons, where for the most part of the day I was just sitting and observing how human creatures move around either looking for something or caring something. It all happened when I had no customers to attend to, because I don’t want my former boss blaming me for his failed laundry business. But anyway this used to get me asking myself a lot of questions, yeah am that curious and inquisitive.

All that humans go through their lifetime is struggle to survive, whether they are rich or poor, they just fight to survive within their class of existence.

Some keep on doing the same thing over and over but get the same results while others do the exact same thing repeatedly until they get different satisfying results.

As humans do this kind of stuff, they reproduce off springs that adapt to the same environment and do the same thing but in a slightly different way depending on the extent of environmental change within that ecosystem.

Then another question would be “what makes humans adapt to the continuous change in the environment?”.

Yeah from the little science class knowledge I have, I think that evolution is what makes humans adapt to whatever the shit storm that comes with the change in lifestyle and culture.

So the only thing that makes humans not become extinct is reproduction of off springs and adaptation through evolution? Wow that is pretty much easier said than done.

But I think that is happening live in reality right now and it will always be like that until maybe when the extraterrestrials come and try to fuck us up.

This little scientific thought was to make you try to think of Genge music in that perspective. What makes it live longer in its original form or through other sub-genres.

This happens bearing in mind the fact that Genge music is a hybrid of different flavors of musical genres that fits the wirld east and central Africans.

The best thing that could ever happen to Genge music is its evolution. This can be greatly influenced by creativity of producers, beat makers, artists and most importantly, the critics or what can be termed as ‘Genge heads’.

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All these characters play an important role in making sure that the genre thrives throughout the changes in the tastes and preferences of different generations.

In this article I have highlighted some of the reasons why Genge music is still alive and will continue to thrive for long.

It represents a sense of identity.

Having something to hold on to and identify yourself with is what makes human beings feel themselves.

If they cant find that thing, they often go ahead and invent it. This is what people of the streets did.

They invented Genge music which is what they hold on to and feel represented by.

So as long as there would be life in the streets, there will always be genge music either in its original or in evolved form.

There is a clear consistency of the veteran artists.

The biggest thing that ever happens to any invention is its continuous presence for a long time.

The inventors are the ones responsible for influencing the masses to have the same burning desire and belief to make the invention continue to exist.

Genge OGs like Jua Kali, Sanaipei Tande, Nonini and Nameless have done their job very well for the longest time.

They are the veterans responsible for the fact that Genge music is still alive today.

They have become responsible for nurturing stars like P-Unit, The Kansoul, Ken Razy and many more artists that also inspired the next generation of Gengetone artists who are now representing Genge music to the fullest.

It caters to an always available audience.

There is nothing real like loyalty, it can literally turn nothing into something at a blink of an eye. This is what the streets have done to genge music. They believe in it that much.

They show up in clubs, live events and even online.

So whenever the mainstream media impose cencorship to genge music, the audience will always find a way to show up and support their artists.

Now there is nothing more beautiful than that. I think they are going to start their own media stations just for genge music.

The content of the music is authentic.

Even if people always run away from reality, they also like when someone keeps it real and says something like it is without being pretentious.

The fact that most artist say as it is without censoring themselves shows how much there is creative freedom with Genge music.

The mainstream media can try to resist such kind of content but the music will keep on thriving since most of the audiences are young have access the internet.

This is so because the audience can relate to the messaging in the music and most of the time it is what is actually happening in their daily lives.

There is money to be made.

Like any other genre of music, Genge music pays. An artist can actually see the return on investment as long as the quality of their music satisfies the needs of the audience.

When an artist invests in the right production studios, well organized marketing strategies and aggressive booking agent, there is no reason why they shouldn’t make that much money off of Genge music.

This can be a ticket to get out of the horrible slums and ghettos that most popping artists come from.

So as long as there is money invested into Genge music and the veterans take part in showing the way to new artists, then there will always be a Genge song on every media playlist in Kenya.

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I can attest to the fact that genge music has evolved and it is here to stay.

From its evolution into Kapungala, Kapuka, Ghipuka to what is now Gengetone is a clear sign of it thriving through the next generations.

The younger generations now cant stop chanting Gengetone music throughout the streets of Nairobi and most ghettos in Kenya.

These kids will grow listening and analyzing this genre and they will be the agents of the next form of evolution.