A powerful lesson for gengetone artist to attain longevity.

Have you ever wondered why some artists get booed on stage while others make the audience chant and shout their names non-stop throughout the entire show? 

Have you ever heard a song play on tv or radio and you feel like watching it on mute or changing the channel?

Well I go through that cycle of mute and unmute whenever the playlist is filled with nonsense music but the content of the video is good. This is the most frustrating situation to realize that artists invest lots of money video wise when the content is still mediocre and half-baked. Audio content can be the best tool to seek some honest feedback before proceeding to video shoot.

Poorly crafted lyrics and a well mastered beat never go well. Imagine the producer doing a good job of making a killer beat then the artist does a poor performance by verbally diarrhearing all over the beat until everything just sounds horrible.

To make the matter worst, the artist invest a lot of money on shooting a quality video and later complain about low viewership and little airplay.

In the talent industry or anything that involves creativity, content itself matters. The audience wants to feel what you felt creating it.

If the artist felt like they were on rush just to create for the sake of creating, then that is exactly what the audience will also feel when listening to that music.

This is often why artists create a lot of buzz and build hype around their music which most of the time doesn’t really slap like the way they make you believe.

What these artists don’t realize is that at some point they will run out of hype and their music is what will make them stay afloat in the industry.

Don’t get me wrong, hype sells a lot. Its just that it works better when the product you keep hyping about is actually good.

On the other side of the coin, there are artists who focus on content of their lyrics and nothing else.

They never create any buzz or try clout chasing. Just pure content and consistency.

Most of the time, they focus on creating mystery around their art. Their audiences are always anticipating for their next projects.

Their audiences enjoy the way they are caught by surprise with the way the artists exploits the art of versatility especially when the artist spit lyrics that are relatable.

An artist like Nyashinski is a good example. Every project he releases is an instant hit.

In fact the audiences always anticipate for his new music because they know they can’t be disappointed.

Even when he does features, his verse is always what carries the whole song to the next level.

In our little community of Gengetone, Mejja takes the credit for consistency and quality lyrics.

I still don’t understand why other young, up and coming artists in gengetone don’t emulate what he does in terms of professionalism in his music.

For Nyashinski, he has mastered the art of being rare, such that his audience only hear from him through his music.

Unlike some artists, whenever he speaks or holds a media tour, the audience actually wants to hear what he has to say because he doesn’t just speak to seek attention. His music gives him enough relevant attention.

I say this guy is very rare indeed. You will have to follow him on social media or listen to his music if at all you want to hear from him.

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His moves are legendary.

Here are the five lessons that Gengetone artists can emulate from Nyashinski.

Content oriented.

You have to if you either want to mix showbiz and music (which is often full of pressure) or music first then showbiz will come later on its own. Focus on what people care and the message you intend to convey. I am sure that you already have a producer in place so all you need to do is come up with phenomenal lyrics. Take your time and ask for feedback from your closely trusted friends.

Embrace the art of being rare.

This one is just awesome if you understand what I mean. You can actually make people miss you and anticipate for whatever you have next whether it is a buzz or an album or a feature or whatever you had going on. Don’t always be all over the place. People will get tired of you especially when you are an artist full drama all the time without enough music out. At some point they are going to accuse you of clout chasing or seeking attention.


This is what will build your brand and establish you in the whole industry. It works better when your focus has always been about content. For example artist like Nyashinski, his come-back strategy of making hits after hits without even straining is what established him as the most powerful and versatile artist in Kenya. His style is unique whether he chooses to Rapp or sing.

Build a strong professional team.

Having a team is important. I know it is hard to find loyal people out here these days but still you can have people who share same interests as you. There are friends who just want to see the idea of you making it and they are there to see it through. That group is what you need and not a bunch of yes men who offer no valuable ideas and criticism to you.

You can start with your closest buddies and pick some others along the way.

Always keep your ego on check.

The last thing you need is imposing stumbling blocks for yourself. Ego will definitely turn you into a self-made failure in a short period of time. Nobody likes to work with a narcissist in any business dealings.

People full of ego never hesitate to display their sense of self-importance on social media or even in parties and shows. They cant stop reminding people of how their toxic personality is.

So keep your ego on check or have people around that keep reminding you of who you are whenever some little success tries to get in your head.

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What I am trying to say here is that it is important to understand yourself so that you know why you are doing what you are doing, in this case its music and entertainment.

Once you are conversant with your personality, it easier to relate to other people within your circle of influence and outside. This will always present you as a professional in what you do which makes it easier for corporate agents to approach you.

Remember, people don’t like people with unpredictable personalities, especially when it comes to deals involving money. They need to see that you know what you are saying or getting into.