Kuria has sold systems to many top companies in different countries in the US, India and the middle east.

Many Kenyans know Trade and Investment Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria’s career history is in banking and business.

However, unknown to many, Kuria has had an interesting history in the tech world. During the 12th Edition of Connected Summit 2023 in Diani, Kuria shared an interesting story of how he became a tech developer.

He revealed that while working as a business analyst, he developed an interest in coding and would try it from time to time. One day, when the head developer had gone home, Kuria was left with the system and started to code.

However, the developer warned him to be cautious of time as he tried out things. Kuria then tried to find the formula for his code that could be complete, but he couldn’t until it was late.

“It was late, and of course, at the beginning of our careers, we didn’t have cars. I went and took a matatu and went home,” he narrated.

Trade and Industrialisation CS Moses Kuria

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While in the matatu, he suddenly developed a formula and immediately went back to the office to proceed with his code. The next day, the head developer was amazed, and Kuria realized he was a tech enthusiast.

Kuria also revealed that he used to sell technology for several companies, including those in America and Dubai, when he joined the banking industry, where he specialized in management technology through business processes.

His biggest win while in the tech industry was when he sold systems to the biggest Indian company.

“Somebody actually asked me how I am selling milk to cows. That’s my biggest win, and it’s still in my CV,” he posed to the audience who were in laughter.

CS Eliud Owalo alongside CS Moses Kuria

During the summit, Kuria acknowledge the importance of digital systems in many businesses and affirmed the government’s support in incorporating technology and trade.

“Digital trade and e-commerce have become increasingly important for businesses and countries around the world. The government has prioritized the development of the digital economy aimed at fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in the sector,” Kuria said.

Kuria was accompanied by ICT CS Eliud Owalo.